Compensation for the land acquisition – Ogeru Vagu – Chilakaluripet

Government have accorded administrative approval for the work, improvements to Ogeru vagu from Km. 39.630 to Km. 64.350 and Construction of structures ie., Bridge at Km. 44.40 and check dam at Km. 46.50  and protection work at RoadBridgeat Km.39.63 near Chilakaluripet in Guntur District for an amount of Rs.16.15 Crore.  In the reference , the Engineer-in-Chief (I), Drainage Wing, Hyderabad, has stated that a provision of Rs 37.80 lakh was made in the estimate of the above work towards land acquisition considering the land required i.e., 30 acres @ Rs.1.20 lakh per acre for formation of banks only,  during the year 2002.   After concluding the agreement, “the agency had started execution of the work from Km 64.350 to 56.100 in the banking reach duly discussing with the ryots during August 2008”.  Later the ryots have put in objection for execution of the work.  The Executive Engineer, Chirala, had submitted the tentative land plans and schedules to the District Collector,Guntur for acquiring the land to an extent of 24.32 acres of patta land in   Pasumarruvillage ofChilakaluripet in which the lands already existing in vagu course were considered as poramboke lands.  Based on the demand of the Nallamada Ryot Sangham, necessary survey was conducted for assessing the land to be acquired for the purpose of improvements to Ogeru vagu in the village limits of pasumarru, Manukondavaripalem and Gottipadu (v). The total extent of land including the land already covered in vagu portion was arrived as 218.11 Acres

The Superintending Engineer,Irrigation Circle,Gunturhas stated that out of 218.11 Acres, the land already got eroded in earlier cyclones / floods causing widening of vagu is about 140 Acres and land required for formation of banks would be about 78 Acres only.     Accordingly, the revised LP schedules were   submitted to the District Collector,Gunturby the E.E., Chirala.  The RDO, Narasaraopet has requisitioned for depositing an amount of Rs 938.68 lakh for acquisition of 218.00 Acres land which includes land already covered in vagu portion.

The Engineer-in-Chief (I), Drainage Wing,Hyderabadhas therefore requested to issue suitable instructions in the matter on the following.

a)  To deposit  land  compensation  to an   extent of  218.11 Ac.

amounting to Rs 938.68 lakh,  and to complete the work in the

reach   from  Km.  56.10  to KM.59.875.




        (b) to close  the work to the extent of   work done in  the tackled

portion  duly  paying   land   compensation  in the  reach from

Km  59.875 to Km. 64.35  for  an   extent  of  126 Ac. (70+56 Ac)

amounting to Rs. 542.54 lakh.

District Collector,Guntur has informed that it is not possible to measure the extent eroded before        formation of bunds due to natural course of vagu.   During the   agitation of  ryots  before  the  Tahsildar’s  Office on  29.11.2011 and discussions with ryots along with Deputy Executive Engineer, Drainage, Sub-Division, Chirala, the ryots orally accepted to receive compensation as fixed by the Government.   The Revenue  records  and   Jamabandi   records   of   the   above 3 villiages for  the  past  15  years  were  verified and found that the farmers were noted as enjoyers and pattadars  to  the  total extent they possessed.   In view of the above, it is not possible to measure and to estimate the eroded portion of the land proposed for acquisition on field and consider the previous D.N. proposals submitted in this regard holds good.

Government, after careful examination of the above proposal, hereby accord sanction for an amount of Rs.938.68 lakh (Rupees Nine hundred thirty eight lakh and six eight thousand only) towards payment of compensation for the land acquisition to an extent of Ac.218.11 for the improvement to Ogeru Vagu and construction of structures near Chilakaluripet (Mandal), Guntur District.   The above mentioned amount includes the amount already sanctioned vide reference above towards land acquisition.

The Expenditure sanctioned in para (5) above, shall be debited to the Head of Account “MJH 4711 COL on FC Project – SMJH 03 Drainage – MH 103 Civil Works – GSH 11 Normal State Plan – SH (06) Krishna Delta Area – 530 Major Works -531 O.E / 532 Lands”.

The Engineer-in-Chief (I), Drainage Wing,Hyderabad, shall take necessary action, accordingly.

G.O.Rt.No. 1114 Dated the 3rd October, 2012 Read the following:-

1. G.O.Rt.No.155, I&CAD (Drg.1) Dept, dated: 07.02.2007.

2. From the Engineer-in-Chief (I), Drainage Wing, Hyd, Lr.No. CE/DR/

5102/2010,  dt.06.11.2010.

3. From the District Collector, Guntur,,dt.2.2.2012

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