Guidelines Trading of Subabul or Eucalyptus or Casuarina 1

Guidelines Trading of Subabul or Eucalyptus or Casuarina The Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing has brought to the notice of Government that, the Subabul, Eucalyptus and Casuarina which
came under notified commodities vide G.O. 1st read above is grown in 10 districts of the state covering about 4.55 Lakh acres area. The farmers are showing interest in cultivating Subabul and Eucalyptus plantations in the
upland areas and Casuarina plantations are raised in the coastal areas. Subabul and Eucalyptus are used as pulpwood in paper production, the demand for it has witnessed a steady increase over years.

2. Earlier, to avoid delay in making payment of sale proceeds to the farmers by the Paper Millers, the Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing accorded permission to the Agricultural Market Committees to keep Revolving Fund from out of the savings of Market Committee Funds. which was in vogue from 1999 to 2005 and subsequently discontinued due to non granting of exemption under APGST Act, 1957 as it was repealed by APVAT Act, 2005. Presently the Agricultural Market Committees are facilitating the trade through notification of weighbridges, recording  transactions at weighbridges and follow up for payment to farmers Guidelines Trading of Subabul or Eucalyptus or Casuarina.

3. Therefore, the Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing have proposed new system of trading of Subabul, Eucalyptus and Casuarina in the 2nd read above.

4. The Government have examined the proposal of Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing in detail and issue the following guidelines:-

a) Paper Mills shall purchase Subabul/ Eucalyptus/ Casuarina at identified Weigh Bridges only. Weigh Bridges will be identified by a Committee consisting of Secretary of Agricultural Market Committee, Assistant
Director of Marketing and Joint Director of Marketing concerned. Guidelines Trading of Subabul or Eucalyptus or Casuarina Weighment shall be done in the presence of the farmers, representatives of Paper mills & Agricultural Market Committees.

b) Crop details of Subabul/ Eucalyptus/ Casuarina recorded in WEB LAND through E- Crop Booking will be basis for allowing sale. In the absence of web land details, farmer shall produce a certificate issued by the Revenue authorities for allowing sale.

c) Weighment slip and sales slip shall be prepared in quadruplicate duly signed by farmer, representatives of Paper Mill & Agricultural Market Committee. Subabul assistant shall issue Data Chitta based on the
weighment slip which shall be quadruplicate, first copy to the paper mill, second copy to the Agricultural Market Committee, third copy to the farmer and fourth copy remains in the Kata Chitta book.

d) AMC will issue permits to the paper mills for transporting the wood from the Weigh Bridge to Paper Mills. Duplicate copy of permit will be sent to Agricultural Market Committee along with monthly return.

e) Paper Mills should submit their Indent for their one month requirement to the AMCs in advance.

f) Paper Mills shall submit Bank Guarantee at AMC level equivalent to the 7 days transaction value of that company.

g) To ensure implementation of the correct prices at the purchase centers/ weighbridges.

h) Paper Mills shall pay the Sale proceeds to the Farmers directly through online within 5 days.

i) To deploy sufficient Agricultural Market Committee staff at Weigh Bridges.

j) The following District Level committee will fix the rates from time to time and monitor the system of trading of Subabul, Eucalyptus and Casuarina.

1) District Collector Chairman

2) District Forest Officer (Social forestry) – Member

3) Joint Director of Agriculture Member

4) Regional Transport Officer Member

5) Assistant Director of Marketing Member/Convener

6) Two representatives from farmers Members (to be nominated by the Committee)
k) A separate software should be developed for transactions of Subabul/ Eucalyptus/ Casuarina at state level.

5. The commissioner &Director of Agricultural Marketing, A.P., Hyderabad shall take further action accordingly.
Agricultural Marketing Department—Trading of Subabul / Eucalyptus / Casuarina – introduction of new system — guidelines – Issued. AGRICULTURE AND COOPERATION (AM.II) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 143 Dated: 19-02-2016 Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.188, Agri& Coop. (AM.I) Dept., dt:10.06.1999.

2. From the Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing, A.P., Hyderabad., Lr.No.SI(2)/P1566/2015, dt:01.02.2016 and 09.02.2016

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