Guidelines to departments for developing G2C, G2G and G2B services and hosting

APonline Ltd., was set up as a Joint Venture between AP Technology Services and TATA Consultancy Services Limited, to improve the efficiency and productivity of operations of all departments in addition to being citizen centric to cater to the growing IT needs of all departments.

APOnline Ltd., ( operates to provide an electronic gateway to various services offered by the Government. In the G.Os, detailed guidelines were issued and their validity extended from time to time for development of applications, services and websites and their hosting by APOnline.

Government afterconsideration and in view of the cost inflation in last 5 years and with a view to enable Government departments to utilize the services of APOnline Limited, in a speedy and convenient manner, the validity of guidelines prescribed in the GO  are extended till 31-3-2014 without any change except the following guidelines for the category Application Development, Maintenance & Support in the table “Charges for development of software application” under Sl.No.4 are prescribed in supersession of the guidelines issued in the GO







Cost (in Rs)






Application Development, Maintenance

& Support


For Team members ata skilllevel 12 years of Exp- Rs.85,000/-perperson month

For Module Leaders& Architects ata skilllevel

3-5 years of Exp-

Rs.1,10,000/- per person month

For Project Leaders with

3-5 years of Exp- Rs.1,40,000/- per person month

For Project Managers with6-10yearsofExp– Rs.1,60,000/- per person month

Pricing is on a T&M basis. Transition to a  Fixed  Price  Model  can  be adopted  after  a  detailed  study  of theapplication. Itisrecommended that  Maintenance  &  Support  work beentrustedinitiallyonaT&M basis foraperiod of6monthswith an option to move to Fixed Price later. Pricefora FixedPriceModelwillbe submittedseparately byAPOnline withinaweekafterthecompletion ofthestudy.



1.  Thismodelcanbeemployedby desirous         departments         for


required)           their           existing applications.

2.The  composition  of  the  Project

Team  will  be  decided  by  the concerneddepartmentinmutual

agreement withAPOnline.

3.IntheeventoftheProjectTeam members being sharedacross various projects ofthesame department or different departments,the related costs will be apportioned accordingly

All the other Terms & Conditions remains unchanged, unless until notified.
This order issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.3923/100/E&M II/A2/13, dated 04-06-2013

G.O.Ms.No. 16   Dated:  06-09-2013

1.  G.O.Ms.No.19 of IT&C Department, dated:03.07.2004

2.  G.O.Ms.No.21 of IT&C Department, dated:28.07.2005

3.  G.O.Ms.No.14 of IT&C Department, dated:06.07.2006

4.  G.O.Ms.No.23 of IT&C Department, dated:02.11.2007

5.  G.O.Ms.No.4 of IT&C Department, dated:27.01.2009

6.  G.O.Ms.No.7 of IT&C Department, dated:25.06.2010

7.  G.O.Ms.No.7 of IT&C Department, dated:06.07.2011

8.  G.O.Ms.No.15 of IT&C Department, dated:05.05.2012

9.  G.O.Ms.No.33 of IT&C Department, dated:18.09.2012

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