Guidelines for Mechanized Cleaning of Drain in Rural Areas

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation, shall also invite the experts in the subject matter to finalize the modalities on Mission Mechanized Cleaning of Drain in Rural Areas MCDRA. The following are the modalities and conditions to Mission MCDRA.

(a) The tender should be minimum for three (3) years and thereafter can be renewed if the work is satisfying.

(b) Drains have to be cleaned for every three (3) months.

(c) One Machine cleans a drain of 2 Kilo Meters per day of side drain cleaning work to be taken up.

(d) One drain cleaning machine will be provided for one Assembly Constituency with the average of 150 Kilo Meters.

(e) The approximate expenditure for cleaning of drain per one Kilo Meter is Rs.3583/- and overall expenditure for Constituency per year is about Rs.21,50,000/- (for four (4) times in a year)

(f) Separate Officer to be deputed to co-ordinate the day to day work of the cleaning of drains.

(g) On rotation basis the machine will clean the drains.

(h) Six (6) persons will be deployed among themselves by each team including driver.

(i) Each Assembly Constituency is to be taken as a Unit.

(j) The Drain Cleaning Safai Karmachari Association has to procure the drain cleaning machine through SC Corporation.

(k) The route map for drain cleaning shall be given for all Gram Panchayat fallen in the Assembly Constituency by District Panchayat Officer concerned.

(l) Three (3) months schedule to be prepared by the District Panchayat Officer with the help of Divisional Panchayat Officer and Extension Officer (PR&RD) well in advance for each Constituency.

(m) The Unit of eligibility to participate in the tenders is District.

(n) The Community which have involved in the activity manually in drain cleaning are only eligible to participate in the tenders.

(o) The drain cleaning work has to be monitored by the Sarpanch and Panchayat Secretary of the Gram Panchayat and to certify on the work performance duly countersigned by the E.O.(PR&RD) concerned.

(p) The work programme has to be tracked by the Panchayat Secretary, in the comprehensive mobile application for drain cleaning and tracking developed under Panchayat Raj Information System (PRIS) / Khizala app.

(q) The drain cleaning Safai Karmachari who participate in the tenders have to engage the drivers to run the machinery.

(r) District Panchayat Officer has to monitor for an arrangement of payment to the concern Safai Karmachari Agency within thirty (30) days.

(s) The Expenditure shall be borne by the Gram Panchayats from either 14th Finance Grants or General Funds.

(t) All the skilled labor who works for drain cleaning have to be insured by the tender.

Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development has stated that in order to maintain good sanitation, Hygienic conditions to prevent diseases and to introduce an Entrepreneurship in sanitation Rural Areas, has proposed to constitute a Mission MCDRA (Mechanized Cleaning of Drain in Rural Areas) Committee for taking the drains cleaning work in mechanized method.

 The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development before finalizing the modalities has conducted a workshop to emphasis the need for introducing a high level efficient machinery in cleaning of the side drains “ An overall a mechanized way of cleaning side drains in Rural Areas”  to maintain good sanitation Hygienic conditions to prevent diseases and also to introduce and entrepreneurship in sanitation.  For the said workshop senior District Panchayat Officers, Divisional Panchayat Officers, Panchayat Secretaries and Engineering  Officials and representatives from Drain Cleaning Safai Karmachari Association have participated.  After the detailed discussion in the workshop, analysis in the form of an estimate calculating the cost of project, conditions and modalities of the programme are arrived, taking into an Assembly Constituency as a Unit.

Government after examining the proposal of the Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development, hereby constitute a Mission MCDRA  (Mechanized Cleaning of Drains in Rural Areas)  Committee with the following Members.


1. Commissioner, PR &RD Chairman
2. Managing Director,

Swach Andhra Corporation

3. Engineer-in-Chief, RWS&S Member
4  District Panchayat Officer, Guntur. Member
5.  Drain Cleaning Safai Karmachari  Association (State Level),   General Secretary . Member
6. Deputy Commissioner

O/o  the Commissioner, PR R&D

Member, Convener

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