Guidelines for Distribution of Tractors under Rythu Radham, 2018-19

Guidelines for Distribution of Tractors under Rythu Radham, 2018-19 guidelines under Rythu Radham Scheme, 2018-19. The approved guidelines are annexed to this Order

1. The information on subsidy allowed by the Department for tractors will be made available through Mandal Agricultural Officer / Assistant Director of Agriculture / Joint Director of Agriculture of the Agriculture Department of A.P.

2. Subsidy allowed for 4 WD tractor, 35 HP and above is Rs.2,00,000/(Rupees Two Lakhs Only) and for 2 WD tractor 35 HP and above is Rs.1,50,000/-(Rupees One Lakh Fifty Thousand Only).

3. All rural Constituencies shall be allocated equal number of tractors.

4. Mandal Agricultural Officer has to prioritize based on the following points:

a. The farmers who have not obtained tractors under subsidy scheme earlier should only be given.

b. The farmer should possess / own at least one acre of Land in case of SC, ST farmers and two acres in respect of other farmers to become eligible for applying under this scheme.

c. The applicant should not possess / own any tractor on his name.

d. Existing norms of allocation to SC, ST beneficiaries shall be followed.

5. Mandal Agricultural Officer after scrutinizing the application along with necessary documents i.e., Pattadar Pass Book and Aadhar Card for tractors should forward the application to Assistant Director of Agriculture duly signing on it.

6. Assistant Director of Agricultural after verification of the application and allocation of the mandal, forward the application with recommendation to the Joint Director of Agriculture of the District concerned. If the application is not according to the guidelines, the same shall be rejected.

7. The Joint Director of Agriculture will scrutinize the applications received and eligible list will be sent to the District In-charge Minister for Constituency-wise allocation.

8. On receipt of the final list from the District In-charge Minister, Joint Director of Agriculture has to accord the sanction orders for eligible beneficiaries after confirming the financial authorization for the non-subsidy portion.

9. The sanction proceedings should be within 10 working days from the date of receipt of application by the Joint Director of Agriculture of the District Concerned.

10. The beneficiary who had received the Proceedings has to register his details on the website and login into the Web based DBT based software application on .

11. He / She can select the dealer to purchase the Model and Make as per his / her choice from the suppliers list available on portal.

12. The beneficiary has to login and click add application, select the scheme “Rythu Radham” and has to select the tractor model from the implement drop down list. Beneficiary will select the Make and Model of tractor at the time of application.

13. He can negotiate with the dealer on the price and can pay the Non-subsidy / full amount directly to the dealer and can take delivery of the model, if available or has to wait for the time period mentioned in the invoice of the dealer.

14. The non-subsidy portion payable by the beneficiary shall be through DD / RTGS on the name of dealer / Manufacturer (from where purchased). The details of non-subsidy paid should be intimated to the Mandal Agricultural Officer, Assistant Director of Agriculture by the Dealer / Supplier, Beneficiary.

15. The invoice has to be prepared on the same day of the receipt of non-subsidy from the beneficiary.

16. Dealer/ Supplier has to upload the invoice raised which is also signed by the beneficiary and the photograph showing details of the dealer GST, Beneficiary, Model, Make of the tractor from his delivery point, on the same day of delivery.

17. The Mandal Agricultural Officer has to inspect the vehicle within 15 days of delivery and shall send his remark online. The same will also be attested by the Assistant Director of Agriculture of the Division.

18. Joint Director of Agriculture will approve for release of subsidy and generates the payment file.

19. The payment batch file will be received at Head Office. All the batch files received from the districts will be compiled at Head Office and processed for payment once a week on every Thursday.

20. The proceedings shall be issued to CAO for release of payments directly to the Dealer / Manufacturer / Farmer Bank Account through RTGS.

21. The supplier should take responsibility to register the vehicle as per the address on Aadhar card.

22. The details of the beneficiaries, category-wise and Aadhar Card Number, Model and make of manufacturer district-wise shall be displayed on APAgrisnet website for information of public.

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