Grants-in-Aid Associations of Government employees

Government of Andhra Pradesh is according recognition to the ServiceAssociationsof employees toenabletheGovernmentemployeesto makeany representationregardingtheir conditionsofserviceandmatterspertaining theretoforany redressalinterms


Further,  Governmenthas  been  sanctioning  grants-in-aid  to  the recognized serviceassociationsofemployeesinordertoprovide assistanceto meetthe expenditurein constructingNGOHomes, Community Hallsetc.,andalsotoconduct the functions/eventsastheir fundshavebeenrestrictedto thesubscriptionsfromthe members ofthe respective associationexclusively.As ondate thereare noguidelines for sanctioning grants-inaid to the Employees Associations. 

Now,Government feltthatthereisaneed to evolve guidelinesfor sanctioning financial assistance toService Associations asthe demand for release ofgrants from recognizedServiceassociationsisincreasingwith constitutionofseveralassociations in the recentpast.


Government,aftercarefulexamination,herebyconstituteaCommittee withthe followingmembersunder theChairmanshipofPrincipalSecretaryto Government, GeneralAdministration (GPM&AR)Departmentfor framingguidelinesfor sanctionof grant-in-aid tothe EmployeesAssociationsfor constructionofbuildings,conducting Statefunctions like InternationalWomen’sDay,Sportsand other functions etc., :

1) Sri S.K. Sinha, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government General Admn. (GPM&AR) Department .… Chairman

2) Dr. P.V.Ramesh, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government Finance (R&E) Department Member

3) Sri B Aravinda Reddy, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government I & CAD Department    …. Member

4) Sri B Venkateswara Rao, IAS, Secretary to Government General Admn.(Services & HRM) Department …. Member

5) Addl. Secretary / Joint Secretary / Dy. Secretary (SU), General Administration Department …. Convener

G.O.Ms.No: 332 Dated:07.05.2013 Read the following:-

G.O.Ms.No.264,General Administration (Services Welfare) Dept., dt.22.6.2001.

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