Government of Andhra Pradesh wasting money on Advertising

Director, ESD (Mee Seva), informed that as per the time to time orders of Government, a TV Scroll is being run in five leading news channels about availability of services in Mee Seva centres. The TV Scroll is being run in ETV2, TV9, TV5, NTV and Sakshi TV. The scrolling purchase order to the above channels is being extended through I&PR Dept and from time to time the period of TV Scroll is extended upto December, 2012 and accordingly requisite Purchase order has been placed by the Director, ESD (Mee Seva) and requested to release the payments directly to the channels as mentioned hereunder:


Name of the channel

Name of the Agency

Amount (Rs.)


TV 9 (for 3 months) Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd



NTV (for 3 months) Rachana Television Private Limited



TV5 (for 3 months) Shreya Broadcasting Pvt Ltd






Government accord sanction and release an amount of Rs.16,17,984/- (Rupees Sixteen Lakhs Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Four Only) to the agencies as mentioned at Para.1 above towards TV Scrolling advertisement charges.

For your Information BUDGET ESTIMATES 2011-12 of AP :

administrative sanction is hereby accorded for utilization of an amount of Rs.1000.00 lakhs (Rupees Ten crores only) as additional funds to the   Commissioner, Information and Public Relations Department, Hyderabad, as released in the G.O. second read above, against the Head of Account noted therein under Non- Plan Scheme towards payment of pending advertising charges bills under Electronic Media in relaxation of Treasury Control orders, pending provision of  funds  by  obtaining   Supplementary Grants during 2011-12.

The  Commissioner, Information and Public Relations, shall submit necessary proposals for obtaining Supplementary Grant   for the amount indicated in Para 1 above at an appropriate time during the current financial year 2011-12.

The Commissioner, Information and Public Relations Department, is hereby authorized to draw the amount indicated in Para-1 above and to incur the expenditure.

The Commissioner, Information and Public Relations Department, shall take necessary action and submit the compliance.

G.O.Rt.No: 3223 Dated:22-07-2011 Read the following:

1. From the Commissioner, Information and Public Relations, Hyderabad, letter No.007417/VE/2011, dated 01.04.2011.
2. G.O.Rt.No.2781, Fin.(Exp. GAD.I) Department, dated 20.07.2011.

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