GO Ms No 29 MSP for Ragi during Kharif Marketing Season 2013-14

Governmentof Andhra Pradesh considering the estimated production of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra during KMS 2013-14, have decided that the A.P MARKFED shall open the required number of purchase centers by taking the required help from the women Self Help Groups of the IKP in the entire State during the Kharif Marketing Season 2013-14.

3. The MSPs fixed by the Government of the India for the KMS
2013-14 are as follows:

Maize                                1,310/- Bajra                                1,250/- Jowar-Hybrid                              1,500/- Jowar-Maldandi                           1,520/- Ragi                                 1,500/-

Government hereby order that the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Ltd.(A.P.MARKFED) shall act as State Procurement Agency for all the Coarsegrains and take action to open as many purchase centres as are required for M.S.P. operations of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra immediately keeping in view the likely arrivals in various districts. Government have also decided to involve good working District Co-operative Marketing Societies (DCMS), Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACSs) and Village Organizations formed under Indira Kranthi Patham to give facility to the farmers to market their produce nearer to the village and also to reduce congestion at the Agricultural Market Yards. The District Level Committee headed by the Joint Collector shall identify the additional procurement centres in consultation with the procurement agency i.e., A.P.MARKFED, to ensure purchase of entire surplus produce of the Coarsegrains from the farmers.

Government also decided that during the KMS 2013-14, arrangements shall be made for procurement of a quantity of about 4.80 Lakh MTs of Maize. The above quantity is subject to revision by the Commissioner of Civil Supplies depending upon the market arrivals.

The Marketing Department shall position necessary equipments like tarpaulins, moisture meters, dryers, sieves, stitching machines, weighing scales etc., in the Market Yards / Sub-Yards and also at the identified procurement centres of VOs (IKP) / DCMS/ PACSs. The procuring agency, M/s A.P.MARKFED shall also inspect the available equipments at the purchase centers well in advance in order to make sure of availability of such equipments at the time of procurement. A District Level Committee shall be constituted for procuring required equipments / creation of infrastructure as ordered in the G.O. Ms. No.
124, Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies (C.S.I(1)) Department dated 25.8.2005 and the same shall be applicable for the KMS 2013-
14 also.

The Marketing Department and the District Collectors shall take action to ensure that adequate publicity is given to the farmers through press, electronic media, beat of drum (tom-tom), pamphlets etc., to create awareness among the farmers about the MSP operations, specifications, the location of purchase centre and the procedure being followed for procurement of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra at MSP. All the required details shall be affixed at a prominent place at Gram Panchayat Offices in all the Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra growing villages.

In his reference No.MC/6053/2007 dated:20.8.2007, the Commissioner of Marketing has issued necessary instructions to all the Secretaries of AMCs to prepare a contingency plan well in advance to tackle the additional arrivals and to ensure smooth market operations during the season. They should get the equipment / machinery available with the AMCs in working condition and log books maintained for each equipment, to make a note of the usage particulars and to take into account of the equipments / machinery available with the nearby markets (Non-functional) and with IKP centres while planning for procurement of additional equipment to meet the seasonal requirement. He has also instructed that the Godown space available in the AMCs should also be kept ready for occupation and wide publicity should be given about MSP rates, equipments and godown space available with AMCs.

The A.P MARKFED shall operate credit line for procurement of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra. Till such time the cash credit limits are sanctioned by the RBI, the Marketing Department shall advance funds to the A.P.MARKFED from Market fund.

The A.P.MARKFED shall inform the Government of India in advance as to the time by which procurement shall be completed so as to enable them to take a decision about disposal of the stocks.

At the District Level under the chairmanship of the Joint Collector a committee shall be constituted with PD DRDA, DCO, Joint Director (Agriculture), Assistant Director, Marketing, District Manager, MARKFED, the Area Manager, FCI to ensure effective implementation of MSP operations of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra. This Committee shall also decide the transportation rates and cost of once used gunnies (for stand by purpose) and ‘sutlis’ based on the specifications for such gunnies / ‘sutlis’ for packaging of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra as communicated by the procurement agency.

At every purchase centre, there shall be a Purchase Committee with: (1) In-charge of the centre from procuring agency, (2) representative of the AMC concerned, (3) Mandal Agriculture Officer or his representative, and (4) two farmers to ensure effective MSP operations. This Committee shall also decide the disputed cases of FAQ.

The Purchase Committee shall also take necessary action to finalize the Mandi rates / Hamali charges wherever no such approved rates are available and for non-functional yards / sub-yards in case they are identified as procurement centres.

The Collectors shall provide all necessary assistance to the A.P MARKFED in implementation of MSP operations.

The Marketing Department and the A.P.MARKFED shall position all necessary equipments in the market yards / purchase centres immediately so as to commence the MSP operations from 01.10.2013 onwards.

Operational guidelines for MSP operations of Maize, Jowar, Ragi and Bajra which were issued vide G.O.Ms.No.39, CA, F& CS Department dated 24.9.2007 for KMS 2007-08 shall apply during Kharif Marketing Season 2013-14 also except in respect of MSP. The MSP shall be as indicated in para-3 above.

The Agriculture Department shall take all necessary steps to instruct the A.Os and AEOs in the districts to organize training programmes in the villages for creating awareness among the farmers in realizing MSP for FAQ quality of their produce.

The operational staff positioned at the procurement centres shall also be similarly trained, under the supervision of PDs of IKP and DCOs in the districts and experienced staff from other Agencies like F.C.I. / CWC / Agriculture University etc.

The Warehousing Agencies viz; CWC/ SWC / FCI / AMCs shall also provide space for storing the procured stocks of Maize, Bajra, Jowar and Ragi. Necessary instructions shall also be issued to all the Warehouse Managers to record the accurate weighment, moisture etc., both at the time of depositing the stocks and at the time of delivery of the stocks. The Warehouse Managers of SWC / CWC / F.C.I., shall verify the quality as per FAQ specifications and record the same as FAQ stocks in stock acknowledgement / receipts. For this purpose, the warehouses shall also be provided with required moisture meter

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