GO 53 Institutions / Organizations included under Tenth Schedule requiring bifurcation 1

The Section 75 of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014, provides for continuation of facilities provided by certain government institutions / centres listed in the Tenth Schedule of the Act. In all, One Hundred and Seven (107) institutions/Centres are listed in the Tenth Schedule.

Apex Committee for State Reorganisation in its latest meeting on 3rd May, 2014, examined in detail  the issues related to the services/facilities rendered by the institutions listed in the Tenth Schedule. The Committee observed that a number of these institutions are essentially departments by nature, some are statutory bodies/societies performing regulatory and executive functions/services which need to be administered and monitored by the respective state governments and therefore are to be bifurcated. Further the controlling department is requested, to initiate immediate measures for bifurcation/new establishment to ensure that separate institutions/centers/bodies shall start functioning in both the states on and from the Appointed Day. Further it is instructed that the entities which are essential departments shall be bifurcated on par with the parent department, by following the norms and procedure laid down in AP Re organisation Act, 2014.

3) The institutions/organisations under the administrative control of EFS & T Dept. is listed in the Annexure-I and the bifurcation for entities
established under the Cooperative Societies Act and the Societies Act, shall follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) laid down in the
Annexure-II of the Memo. which has already been communicated through the reference 3rd read above.

4) The Government, hereby direct the Institutions / Organisations under the administrative control of EFS & T Department, to take immediate necessary action in accordance with the statutory requirements  laid down for bifurcation as detailed in the Annexure-I of the reference 2nd
read above.

G.O.Ms.No. 53 Date:21st May, 2014.

1) Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 No. 6 of 2014. 2) Memo.No.10411/SR/A1/2014, General Administration
(SR) Department, dt.14.05.2014.  3) Govt.Memo.No.3420/S&T/2014-1, EFS & T (S&T) Dept., dt.15.05.2014.

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One thought on “GO 53 Institutions / Organizations included under Tenth Schedule requiring bifurcation

  • srinivas

    i have a query. i work for a bank and have been in hyderabad since 1963 studying from LKG onwards here. my wife works for agricultural university but her early education is in rayalseema. is she eligible to opt for telangana state in view of birufcation on spouse case.