GO 30 on 25 August 1994 on Kapu quota reservation in andhra pradesh 1

How Kapu quota reservation started in Andhra Pradesh:-

The list of Backward classes now in force is based on the recommendations of the Annatha Raman Commission appointed in the year 1968 subsequently, another Commission constituted with a single member Sri NK Muralidhar Rao in the year 1982 submitted its report the same year This Commission has after a thorough examination of the Special and Educational backwardness of the various castes / communities in-the list of backward Classes However, for various reasons they could not as yet be treated as Backward Classes

2 There has been a persistent demand from the aforesaid nine castes recommended by Muralidhar Rao Commission, besides Kapus, Balijas, Telagas, Ontari and Muslims for inclusion in the list of Backward Classes While the matter stood-thus, the Government of  India sought to implement the report of Mandal Commission on Backward Classes and in the resultant litigation, the Supreme Court recommended the constitution of a permanent body to examine the complaints of wrong Inclusion or non inclusion of groups in the list of Backward Classes On the direction by the Supreme Court, the Government Of Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backward Classes (herein after in this order referred to as the Commission) by the Andhra Pradesh Act No 20 of 1993

How Kapu quota reservation started in Andhra Pradesh GO 30

3 While the Commission was examining the = representations from various communities for incluSion in thelist of Backward Classes, there has been considerable unrest among the members of various castes and communities in -support of their long pending demand and-the Government initially extended certainnon-statutory educational benefits to -students of certain stow whoie- p4rents ,6,14011rdiaPs income s • R,4 12; 090 /- or less per annum SiMilarly, certa•necononiiC support schemes-have also been extended to persons whose income is less than 6,900 /-pa in the orders read above These benefits were subsequently extended to MUsliins ilohg with other


4 However, the meta extension of economic benefits is felt inadequate_and will not entitle those castes for reservation of seats in ,educational institutions and for the reservation of jobs in Government and Local bodies, which indeed is their main demand In fact, certain castes who are similarly situated are already included in a list-of Backward classes in certain regions of this state and other neighboring states In these circumstances, the Government made a request to the Commission for interim report in regard to the social and educational backwardness of these castes and communities, But the Commission expressed its inability to do so

5 Normally, before any caste or community is included or excluded from the list of Backward classes, the Government is expected to seek a report from the Commission and then take appropriate action It is not the policy of the Government under normal circumstances to deviatefrom this procedure But so far as the demand of the caste and communities under reference for the inclusion in the list of Backward classes is concerned, it is a Long pending demand with a mass support sometimes even causing unrest, for the simple reason that certain communities which aremore or less on par with them in the matter of social and educational backwardness have already been included in the list of Backward classes Thus; a feeling of inequity his been generated in those communities giving rise to emotional upsurges for social justice

6  In the above backdrop of events and demands, and pending receipt of the report of the Commission, the Government here by ordered that castes / communities Specified in the Annexure to this order shall be treated as socially and educationally backward classes of citizens for the purpose Of reservation Of seat in educational institutions and for the recruitment to job in Government, Local bodies etc,

7 Any reservation to the communities,here by ordered to be included,in the list of Backward Classes will not tut into the quantum of reservation available to those who are already recognized as backward classes

8 The Government also hereby Order that separate orders shall issue in respect of the following matters based on the report of the Commission, namely:-

(i) The percentage of reservation to be earmarked to the caste and communities included by this order in the list of Backward classes

(ii) The group/ classification/ classes in which they should be, include

(iii) the ecoriaThle &reit-robe applied for the entitlement of the, benefits extended to the backward classes under their rules.

9, The inclusion of the caste and communities by this orderinthe list of BackWard  classes shall not however, affect the admission into educational institutions for the academic year 1994-95 or the selection to the services under Government,Local bodies etc, for which the process has already commenced

10 As the reservations contemplated to the castes and communities included in the list of Backward classes by this order are in addition to the quantum sf, reservations available to castes and communities already included in the list of Backward classes, Government will take suitable action in order to provide for reservations in excess of 50 percents

11 The request of other caste and communities for inclusion in the list of Backward classes which are now pending before the Commission will be examined saparately ( BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNER OF ANDHRA PRADESH) K JAYA BHARATH REDDY, GOVERNMENT


ANNEXURE TO G0MS NO 30 BACKWARD DEPARTMENT DATED 25Th AUGUST, 1994 1 Muslinis, WELFARE ,P2) Kapuis 3 Balijas, 4: 5, = Ontaris  6 4YY:000 7 Kasikapidi 8  Patra • 9 Gajula13alija( whose present pro- 10 NagarajU fession is sale of bangles)  11 Pondara 12 Kurakala 13 Ourash( Muslim butchers) 14 Pala- akari K,Jayabharath Reddy Chief Secy to Government, Collectors Off10, Neilore Ldis 11629 / 94 Dated :17-9-94

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