GO 140 Ban on Transfers of Employees in Andhra

Government issued orders for temporary revocation of existing ban on transfer of employees until the midnight of 15th August, 2015. Ban on transfers were reimposed effective 16th August, 2015.

In spite of re-imposition of ban on transfers, Government is receiving proposals from various departments for transfer of employees on administrative grounds, personal grounds like medical, spouse grounds, which is hampering Government functioning and preparation of budget for 2016-2017, apart from costs involved in transfer of employees.

In view of the above, Government hereby reiterate that ban on transfers has been effective since August 16 2015 and will remain effective until the government decides to revoke the ban.

The audit/treasury authorities concerned are hereby instructed not to admit any claim of employees whose transfers have been effected by the departments in violation of these orders.

Human Resources Management – Transfer and Postings of Employees –Ban on Transfers– Orders-issued.

 FINANCE (HR. I. Plg. Policy) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No Dated: 16 .11.2015

Read the following:

  1. O. Ms. No. 211, Finance (DCM) Department, dated November15, 2014.
  2. GO Ms No 98Finance (HR.I) Department, dated August 04, 2015.

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