Forming bye pass Road to Srikalahasti town connecting Puthalapattu – Naidupeta

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B), State Roads, Hyderabad has stated that the Srikalahasti is the famous pilgrim centre in South India as Lord Siva temple is located on the bank of SwarnamukhiRiver. The pilgrims from all over the country visit the temple. The pilgrim traffic is very high in the town. The Puthalapattu – Naidupeta road, Tada-Kalahasti road, Kalahasti-Pitchur road, Vedem Ramapuram road, Kalahasti – Gollgunta road, Kalahasti-Pallampeta road, Kalahasti-Kalahasti road (via) Pangur Urandur Gollapalli Melachur etc are the important roads that connect the SrikalahastiTown. All the roads passes through number of Agriculture potential villages. The Major commercial crops of the farmers of this area is sugar cane, paddy, groundnuts etc., and number of brick industries and stone crushers are also situated in and around Srikalahasti town. All the vehicular traffic is plying on the narrow roads leading to Srikalahasti town. The farmers  transport  their  sugarcane  produce to sugar factory situated on Tada – Kalahasti   road. The   aggregate  and  bricks  etc., are  being transported through the town to Nellore District, Chennai and other needy places. The traffic in the town is very high and frequent interruption takeplace daily. The public is facing inconvenience to pass through the town roads. The Municipal road from Ring Road to Srikalahasti town connecting Puthalapattu – Nadupeta road and Tada-Kalahasti road for a length of 3.0 Kms (Km.0/0 to 3/0) transferred from Public Health Department to (R&B) department. Forming this bye-pass road would mitigate the traffic problem in the town as all the commercial vehicles can be diverted on this road. Hence  there is necessity of forming of this road. The Principal Secretary, (R&B) also during his visit to Chittoor District for the inspection of roads on 25.08.2012 have also issued instructions to submit the proposals for Bye-pass keeping in view of the necessity to cater the traffic.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) State Roads Hyderabad has stated that the existing earthen road connects Puthalaputtu – Naidupet road bypassing SrikalahastiTown. Both the Puthalapattu – Naidupet road and Tada – Kalahasti road are State Highways and the purpose of improving the existing earthen road linking the above roads and bypassing Srikalahasti town is to divert the traffic by avoiding the traffic congestion in the famous Pilgrim centre of Srikalahasti town. The road is of smaller length of 2.90 Kms only and this is to be invariably improved on par with connecting State Highway roads. Further the proposed road is to connect to the two State Highways. Hence it is proposed under head State-SH Plan.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) State Roads, Hyderabad, while submitting the proposal for the subject work has certified that the Stage-1 approval is not required as detailed investigation completed and design are finalized. No land acquisition and shifting of utilities are required for taking up the subject work without interruption. He has therefore requested to accord Administrative Sanction for an amount of Rs.600.00 Lakhs for the work “Forming bye pass Road to Srikalahasti town connecting Puthalapattu-Naidupeta road and Tada-Kalahasti road” under Plan SH Scheme for the year 2012-13.

Government after careful examination of the  proposal of Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) State Roads, Hyderabad, hereby accord administrative sanction of Rs.600.00 Lakhs (Rupees six hundred lakhs only) for the work “Forming bye pass Road to Srikalahasti town connecting Puthalapattu – Naidupeta road and Tada-Kalahasti road” under plan-SH. The work shall not be entrusted to the prior to march, 2013 so as to ensure that the expenditure incurred starting from financial year 2013-14 only.

The expenditure sanctioned in Para ( 4 ) above shall be debited to the Head of Account: 5054 – C.O.L on Roads & Buildings, 04 – District and Other Roads, MH -800 – Other Expenditure, GH-11 – Normal State Plan, SH (08) – State Highway, 530 – Major Works, 531 – Other Expenditure.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B), State Roads, Hyderabad, shall take further action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PW) Dept. vide their U.O.No.01196/45/, dated:21.01.2013.

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