Finalize the tender process for Farm ponds G.O.Rt.No. 932, 6th June, 2013

Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad in the reference, Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby constitute a Committee and technical sub-committee to finalize the tender documents and the tender process for execution of Farm ponds in Andhra Pradesh with the following members:

1. Commissioner of Horticulture … Chairman

2. Deputy Secretary A&C (Horti) Dept …Member

3. Representative of Finance Dept …Member

4. Representative of ENC of AP Irrigation
Department …Member

5. Representative of CIPET …Member

6. Rpresentative of CRIDA …Member

7. Eexcutive Director, SHM, Horti Dept …Member

8. Project Officer, APMIP …Member Convener

Technical Sub-Committee:

1. Representative of ENC AP Irrigation
Department …Member

2. Representative of CIPET …Member

3. Representative of CRIDA …Member

4. Executive Director, SHM …Member

5. Project Officer, APMIP …Member

2. The Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter

G.O.Rt.No. 932 Dated: 6th June, 2013


Agriculture and Cooperation Department – Horticulture – APMIP- Constitution of a Committee to Finalize the tender documents and the tender process for execution of Farm ponds – Orders- Issued.


Funny Government released by Andhra Pradesh

G.O.Rt.No. 932 Dated: 6th June, 2013 ORDER:

From the Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad Lr.No. APMIP/348/2013, Dated: 17.06.2013

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