Exemption of Entertainment Tax for the Telugu digital format children film Bala Bharatam

Sri B.V.Subba Rao, Producer of film “Bala Bharatam” (Animation) has stated that the film is produced in digital format and the film is very useful and entertainer to children.

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations was requested to get the film screened before the Committee constituted for the purpose and to furnish the recommendations of the Committee to the Government.

The Commissioner, I & P.R. has furnished the recommendations of the Screening Committee for grant of Exemption of Entertainment Tax in respect of the Telugu digital format children film “Bala Bharatam” (Animation) as follows:

“ the digital format children film “Bala Bharatam” has a deep message in upbringing children and on parental benediction in molding their character, to become a noble citizen; moral values have been very well depicted in the film; the digital effects have made a different and meaning full appeal to this epic and the film deserves for exemption of payment of Entertainment Tax”

Government, after careful consideration of the report of the Committee and in exercise of powers conferred under section-8 of A.P.E.T. Act, 1939 hereby exempt Telugu digital format children film “Bala Bharatam” (Animation) from the payment of Entertainment Tax under the said Act subject to the following conditions:-

i) that the rates of admission shall not exceed 75% (Seventy five percent) of existing notified rates of admission of each class of the theatre in which the film is proposed to be screened in Andhra Pradesh;

ii) that the period of exemption shall be limited to one year from the date of first release of the film in Andhra Pradesh ; and

iii) that the film should not be screened along with any other feature film.

The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, A.P., Hyderabad is requested to take necessary action in the matter.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.26253/426/A2/Exp.Rev/2012, Dt.09-10-2012.
G.O.Ms.No. 91 Dated:17-01-2013. Read the following:

1) Representation, Dt.NIL of Sri B.V.Subba Rao, Producer of film “Bala Bharatam” (Animation), VMI Multimedia, Hyderabad.
2) Govt.Memo.No.48317/CT-IV/2011-1, Dt.14-12-2011.
3) From I & P.R Dept., Lr.No.7355/ETE/Films/2011, Dt.23-08-2012.

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