Evaluation Reforms – in all Government Local Bodies & Aided schools

Orders  have  been  issued  relating  to the  Andhra Pradesh Right of Children to free and compulsory Education rules 2010 under the provision of  Right  to Education  Act  35  of  2009.  In  the  reference Government  of Andhra Pradesh notified the State Council of Education Research and Training as academic authority   for  School  Education   U/s.29  (1)  of  the  Right  of  the  Children  to  Free  and Compulsory Act,2009 for under taking the Curriculum  and the Evaluation  procedures  for Elementary Education.

The  Right   to  Education   Act  2009  prescribes   Continuous   and  comprehensive Evaluation  of competencies  of children studying in schools as per sub section -2 (h) under section 29. Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) helps the teacher to know the phase of development of competencies on one hand and personality traits on the other hand while assessing the child’s academic achievement levels. Evaluation is a powerful means of improving  the  quality  of  education.  The  Continuous   and  comprehensive   Evaluation  is through  school based and teacher made test papers  and not from external  sources.  The scope  of  evaluation  extends  all  the  areas  of  learner’s  personality  development  which includes  scholastic   extends   all  the  areas.  Continuous   and  comprehensive   Evaluation integrates  into class room teaching thorough  formative  assessment  and it focuses on self expression. In this process the grading is awarded in the place of marks against academic standards  for  both  scholastic  and    co  scholastic  areas.  Keeping  this  in  view  all  the Educational   Committees   recommended   for   the   assessment   of   the   children   through continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

State  Project  Director,  Rajiv  Vidya  Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad  submitted  a proposal to the Government  explaining  all the above facts  and  stated  that  in  order  to  bring  forth  examination  reforms  in  School  Education, Continuous  and  comprehensive  Evaluation  is to be implemented  in all the  schools.  She requested the Government to issue orders accordingly.

After  Careful  examination   of  the  matter,  the  Government   have  considered  the proposal  and  hereby  issue  orders  that  Continuous  and  Comprehensive   Evaluation  for Assessing  Academic  Achievement  Levels  of children  reflecting  subject  specific  academic standards for curricular and co- curricular areas shall be adopted in all schools which come under the purview of School Education.

The State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad is requested to issue guidelines  on Continuous  and Comprehensive  Evaluation  in consulting  with State Council of Education Research and Training which is the State Academic Authority.

The  Director,  State  Council  of  Education  Research  and  Training  is  requested  to prepare details of procedures to be adopted at different levels and co-ordinate with the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad to evolve implementable guidelines at School level.

The  Commissioner  and  Director  of  School  Education,  the  State  Project  Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad   and the Director, State Council of Education Research   and   Training   will   jointly   monitor   the   implementation    of   Continuous   and Comprehensive Evaluation and Right to Education related quality issues in all schools under the jurisdiction of State Government i.e., Government, Local bodies, aided and Private recognized Schools.

G.O Ms 60 24october 2013 schools Andhra Pradesh
G.O. Ms. No. 60 Dated: 24.10.2013

1) G.O.Ms.No.20, School Education (PE-Prog.I) Department, dated:03.03.2011.
2) G.O.Ms.No.41, School Education (PE-Prog.I) Department, dated:03.07.2010.
3) From the State Project Director, RVM(SSA), A.P., Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No. 202/ C&T/SCERT/2012, Dt.04.02.2013.

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