Estimation and Execution for converting the existing Shankara Samudram tank at Kanaipally

Chief Engineer(P), Mahabubnagar has submitted that the work of Package No. 18 pertaining to Rajiv Bhima Lift Irrigation Scheme was awarded to M/s Sri Avantika – Sai Venkata (JV) Nellore with tender percentage of (-) 16.987 %, with a stipulated completion period of 2 years. The agency has commenced the work. Due to land acquisition and R&R issues, the agency had suspended the work from December 2008 onwards. The Agency has represented for consideration of the following additional items taken up in the above work.

i) Extra expenditure incurred towards removal of entire existing bund and formation of new bund from Km 1.250 to Km 2.973

ii)  Construction of spillway (Excavation of approach and tail channel

iii)   Adoption of controlled blasting for excavation of spillway

iv)   Extra expenditure incurred towards conveyance of materials with extra lead of 4 Km

v)    Payment of extra rate for the balance work to be done

2.       In the reference 2nd read above, the Chief Engineer(P), Mahabuabnagar has submitted that the above proposals were reviewed by the State Level Standing Committee and the Engineer-in-Chiefs Committee after detailed discussion SLSC agreed to recommend to the Government for the item No. (1) proposal for removing the old bund and forming new bund and item No. (2) the construction of Approach channel and

tail channel of the spillway as additional works outside the scope of work as per agreement.   The Engineering-in-Chiefs Committee has accepted these two items and the remaining three items were not accepted.

The Chief Engineer (P), Mahabubnagar has submitted that the above two items were placed before the IBM Committee on          29-07-2011 for the vetting and finalization of cost. After having detailed discussions the IBM Committee has agreed to the additional cost of Rs 9.84 Crores. The details are as follows:

1)    Removal of existing bund and formation of bund with conveyed useful soils    :  6,83,73,861

2) Excavation of approach and tail channels to spillway   : 3,00,66,084

Total: 9,84,39,945   Or  9.84 Crores

 In view of the above circumstances, Government after careful consideration hereby accord permission to the Chief Engineer(P), Mahabubnagar for payment of additional items of works i.e., (1) Removal of existing bund and formation of bund with conveyed useful soil (2) excavation of approach and tail channels to spillway as Additional work payment (with the agreement  rate of SSR 2004-05) for an amount of Rs 9.84 Crores  as mentioned above.(Rupees Nine crores and eighty four lakhs only).

The Chief Engineer (P), Mahabubnagar shall take necessary action accordingly and to steps to ensure that full contemplated benefits of the work are realized by December, 2013 by ensuring the completion of the works of Package No. 18 as well as the synchronized completion of Packages 19 & 27 of the Rajiv Bhima Lift Irrigation project II without giving any leeway for slippages.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.1740/F2(A2)/13-1, dated 28-05-2013.

G.O.Ms.No. 50 Dated:03-06-2013

1) From the CE(P),MBNR, Lr.No.CE(P)/MBNR/ RLISP/P-18/47, dated 18-04-2011.

2) From the CE(P),MBNR, Lr.No.CE(P)/MBNR/ RLISP/P-18/335, dated 01-05-2011.

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6) From the CE(P),MBNR, Lr.No.EE/RBLI/PBR/TS/ATO/P18/722, dated 02-07-2012.

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