Establishment of Rural Heritage, Tourism and Development Cell RHTDC at NITHM

Rural Tourism aims to provide the discerning traveler with a multitude of distinctive, first-hand experiences in an interactive, informative and organic setting in rural Andhra Pradesh. Community based rural tourism is envisaged to provide sustainable livelihoods and strengthen rural economy through the preservation and promotion of rural craft, culture, heritage and environment in their natural forms by offering an enhanced choice to visitors seeking a unique experience, thus increasing awareness and exposure to rural way of life across the state while improving the quality of life of the village communities, encouraging gender equity and community ownership through an equal partnership between hosts and tourists leading to overall holistic development through tourism.

Director, NITHM has informed that Dr. YSR National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NITHM) in exercise of its extending activities into diversified fields of Tourism, has taken an initiative and established an exclusive Rural Heritage, Tourism and Development Cell (RHTDC) in its premises with the aim to coordinate the existing rural tourism activities and also to identify the new areas for promoting rural tourism. The RHTDC at NITHM through its various activities endeavors to highlight rural life, art, culture, and heritage at rural locations which have core competence in art, craft, handloom, textiles, and natural environment. The intention was to benefit the local communities for their livelihood.

Director, NITHM requested to issue orders recognising the set up of the RHTDC in NITHM for its smooth and effective functioning as deemed fit by the Government. He has further conveyed that Sri. P. Vemana who is currently working with NITHM as Consultant presently looking after RHTDC’s activities effectively and willing to handle the same in future too and opined that he may be positioned exclusively for the RHTDC to carry out RHTDC’s activities equivalent to Assistant Professor.

Government after careful examination of the matter and in pursuance of the decisions taken during the meetings and the MoU cited, here by order to set up a permanent office for the Rural Heritage, Tourism and Development Cell (RHTDC) in NITHM, Hyderabad with adequate and appropriate office space and office equipment. It is also decided to have a position to head the RHTDC activities equivalent to Assistant Professor having expertise in the field of tourism, heritage and projects development so as to coordinate activities of the Cell with other stakeholders. The RHTDC will work as part of the academics since its nature of work is in academic line like research & documentation, software component for capacity building through trainings, preparation of DPRs for projects funding etc.

Sri. P. Vemana, who is currently working with NITHM as Consultant is now been placed exclusively for the RHTDC to carry out its activities in the capacity of the Asst. Professor and he shall be re-designated accordingly without hike in the present pay. The Contract period shall be on usual terms of the Institute as applicable to the other Faculty Members of the Institute. He is directed to report to the Director, NITHM for day to day functioning of the RHTDC.

The RHTDC will fund its activities through grants received from the State Tourism Department and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. All the future projects pertaining to the rural tourism will be entrusted to the RHTDC of NITHM for implementation along with the funds allocated either from Center or the State Government.

The MOU executed on 10th day of January 2014 between the Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD) represented by its Chairman, Shri S.K. Misra and Dr. YSR National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NITHM) represented by its Director shall be in existence for a period of 5 years after which it may be renewed with mutual consent as per terms & conditions of the MoU.

This order does not require concurrence of the Finance Department as per rules in Vogue.

G.O.Rt. No. 427 Date: 12.05.2014

1. Note No. NITHM/ITRHD/2014 dated 17th January 2014 approved by the Hon’ble Tourism Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 24.02.2014 at Paryatak Bhavan, Hyderabad.
3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th March, 2014 at NITHM, Hyderabad.
4. Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th April, 2014 at Secretariat, Hyderabad.
5. Lr. No, NITHM/RTC/008/2014 Dated 22/04/2014 of the Director, NITHM.
6. Note orders of Special Chief Secretary, Tourism dated 7th May, 2014.

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