Establishment of Dental Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh certain guidelines

In the circumstances explained by the Chairman, High Power Committee, Hyderabad in the letter, the Government of AP after examination of the matter  issued the following guidelines for establishment Dental Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh as enunciated in the notification dated:04/07/2012

a. In districts where presently there are no Dental Colleges, permission be granted for establishment of not more than one Dental College having better infrastructure among the applicants in that district.

b. In districts where the population is more than 40 lakhs, permission may be accorded for establishment of not more than two (2) Dental Colleges. If a Dental College is already existing, permission shall be accorded to only one Dental College.

c. Places located in tribal areas, agency areas, areas earmarked by the Government as backward areas, rural areas will be given preference.

d. In the event of existing Medical College applying for establishment of Dental College, permission should be granted without reference to any of the conditions imposed.

e. In the event of more than one applications are received from a district, where, as per rules not more than one new Dental College be permitted, the High Power Committee shall assess the infrastructure of the applicant institutions in the particular district and find out which institution in the district is having better infrastructure and select the same.

f. In cases, where Government feels that it is necessary to have a Dental College at a particular place basing on certain factors which stand to reason, permission be accorded. The Government is entitled to accord permission as a special case.

2. The Chairman, High Power Committee and Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyderabad shall take necessary further action accordingly

G.O.Ms. No. 157 Dated: 27-9-2013

From the Chairman, HPC, Hyderabad, Lr. Rc No 564/HPC/2013,
Dated: 05.09.13.

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