Establishment of Andhra Pradesh Geo-graphic Management Information System 1

The   Government   of   India   has   launched   National   Geographic Information System (NGIS) by Ministry of Earth Sciences. The vision of NGIS is to enable a scientific mapping of the resources, needs and aspirations of beneficiaries and society, especially the most disadvantaged; support sustainable  and spatial  planning;  assist  quick  and reliable  monitoring  of plan,   implementation   and   status   of   development;   enable   transparent systems for inclusivity of society and support real-time mapping of feed-back and redressed systems. The goal is two-fold:

a.  to establish a “NGIS” as a technology platform and,

b.  to realize an organizational structure that will be responsible for NGIS system, maintaining and operating the GIS Platform.

To  adequately  focus,  leverage  the  technology  and  to  cater  to  the emerging  requirements  of  the  application  of  remote  sensing  and  GIS  in various sectors, NGIS initiative is proposed for replication in respective state for  establishing  the  State  Geographic  Information  System.  It is therefore proposed to initiate action for establishing the Andhra Pradesh Geo-graphic Management Information System (APGMIS).

Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  utilizes  the  remote  sensing  and geographic  information  system  in in various  aspect  of governance  for the planning, implementation  and monitoring of different development activities and regulatory activities. The government vide reference (2) read above appointed   Andhra   Pradesh   State   Remote   Sensing   Applications   Centre (APSRAC) as the nodal agency for Remote Sensing (RS) & Geographic Information  System (GIS) applications  related requirements  of the departments  of the state of Andhra  Pradesh.  APSRAC  has been providing remote  sensing  and  GIS  related  services   to  various   departments   like Irrigation, Panchayat Raj, Fisheries, Agriculture, Rural Development,  Mines etc.

After consideration  of the issue,  government  hereby  orders  for establishment   of  Andhra  Pradesh  Geo-graphic  Management  Information System (APGMIS) with an objective of a new information regime supporting good   governance,   sustainable   development   and   citizen   empowerment through offering GIS decision support services;  a state-wide,  standardized, seamless and most-current GIS asset for governance, private enterprise and citizens. Andhra Pradesh State Remote Sensing Applications  Centre would be responsible for establishment, updating, maintenance of the APGMIS and all matters connected to thereof.

G.O. Ms.No. 28 Dated: 05-08-2013

1) G. O. Ms. No. 213, Energy, Forest, Environment, Science & Technology (S&T) department dated 04-07-1989

2) G. O. Ms. No. 164, Finance & Planning (Plg XVI) Department dated 05-10-1999.


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