Engage of Power Autos in ODF Plus activities – Guidelines

Engage of Power Autos in ODF Plus activities – Guidelines Issued Certain Modifications -guidelines were issued for procurement of power autos (e-vehicle Semi Hydraulic) by SC Corporation and other welfare corporations duly selecting their beneficiary and to provide the power autos along with beneficiary on hire basis to the Panchayats.

Managing Director, Swatch Andhra Pradesh Corporation, Andhra Pradesh, while furnishing the decisions taken in the Meeting on procurement of the power autos has requested to issue revised guidelines in the matter.

Government after careful examination of the matter and in partial modification of the orders issued in the reference 1st read above, hereby issue the following modifications to the existing guidelines issued vide reference for procurement of the power autos :

1. The power auto shall have the lithium battery which will be long lasting.

2. The power autos shall have the GPS facility with bluetooth connectivity and mobile app for monitoring purpose.

3. Each power auto body shall have dry and wet components.

4. Deployment of one power auto for every 2000 population.

5. Rs.10000 per month towards service charges shall be provided from SBM funds for all green ambassadors who have been entrusted with power autos for three years.

6. Rs.6000/- per month towards service charges shall be provided for all other green ambassadors for 3 years from SBM funds.

7. Monthly outsourcing charges for drain cleaning machines located for all (660) mandal headquarters shall be provided for three years from SBM funds.

8. Since Lithium battery is playing vital role in giving long life to power auto, the procurement agencies shall follow some standard specifications like AIS 048 certification, minimum 75Ah battery capacity with efficiency is > 97 %. The driving distance shall be minimum of 60 kms with AIS 040 certificate. The operating temperature shall 0 to 55 degree Celsius and with battery manufacturer undertaking etc.

9. The procurement of power autos with the above specifications shall also be done through the District Purchase Committees constituted in the districts paralally in addition to other
Government Welfare Corporations at state level as per the guidelines communicated vide reference 3rd cited, to avoid delay in procurement.

4. The Managing Director, SC Corporation, Managing Director, Swachh Andhra Corporation and Director, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development and other procurement agencies shall take further necessary action in the matter.

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