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Receipt and disposal of valuables is one of the functions of Pay & Accounts Officers/Assistant Pay & Accounts Officers (Works &Projects) (PAO/APAO (W&P)). The procedure of receipt and disposal of valuables was discussed in Paras 9-13-1 to 9-13-5 of Pay & Accounts Office (Works Accounts) Manual.

At present the following procedure is being followed in respect of encashing Demand Drafts (DDs):

(i)  DDs are being received by Executive Engineers/ Superintending Engineers (EEs/SEs) towards

a) Cost of Tender Schedules,

b) Sale proceeds of usufructs etc.,

c) Deposit contribution works,

d) EMDs, FSDs and Additional Security Deposits.

(ii) Such DDs are being sent to respective PAO/APAO (W&P) for encashing and accounting purpose.

(iii) The PAO/APAO (W&P) on receipt of DDs will sort out Department-wise, Bank & Branch-wise and prepare Challans accordingly for remittance into Bank to realize proceeds.

(iv) Copies of Challans after realization will be obtained from the Bank and the same will be posted in the cash book of PAO/APAO (W&P).

The above procedure is time consuming.  Also certain DDs are getting time-barred requiring revalidation.

In order to save time and ensure timely encashment of DDs, the following orders are issued with immediate effect.

(i)     The Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) will access the Website http://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/ and log-in into application using his/her DDO Code.

(ii)  The DDO will then select “Challan (W&P)” under “General Services” and                          fill-in the following details therein.

(a)    Purpose                             : to be selected from drop-down list

(b)   Amount               :

(c)    Demand Draft  Number    :

(d)   Demand Draft Date           :

(e)    Name of the Bank             : to be selected from the drop-down list

(f)    Name of the Branch list    : to be selected from the drop-down list

(iii) The DDO should generate one challan for each instrument.

(iv) The ‘e’-challan should be generated well in advance to avoid lapse of the                 instrument.

(v)  After generating e-challan the DDO should present the instrument immediately to the bank.

(vi) After remittance the DDO should send relevant portion of the challan to the concerned PAO/APAO within a week.

(vii) On receipt of e-challan the PAO/APAO in his login in the Treasury site shall verify the correctness/genuineness of challan with reference to challan number and endorses on challan and issue orders for posting in the cash book, with dated signature on the challan.

(viii) Upon such orders the Cashier will enter the voucher number & date online in          the BMS site with his/her login, and put the same voucher number & date on          the  challan duly posting the same in the Cash book.

(ix) Amendments required to be made in PAO’s Manual will be issued separately.

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