Elections to Cooperative Credit Societies January /February, 2013 – Certain instructions 1

Government have decided to conduct Elections to Cooperative Credit Societies and accordingly poll schedule for conduct of Elections to PACSs was announced (i.e 31.01.2013 and 04-02-2013) in the Government Memo No.
13115/ Coop-V/2012, dated:30-11-2012.

The Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, A.P., Hyderabad in his letter read above has requested the Government to give orders on certain issues for conduct of Elections to Cooperative Societies.

Government after careful examination of the matter hereby decide to issue consolidated instructions on various items connected with the elections to the Cooperative Institutions as detailed in the Annexure appended to this order to ensure conduct of smooth and fair elections.

Elections to Cooperative Credit Societies January /February 2013

The above instructions will come into force from the date of issue of the election notification (i.e 21.01.2013) by the Election Authority as provided in the Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Societies Rules, 1964 and shall be in force till the completion of the election programme.

All the Departments of Secretariat and the Heads of Department are requested to issue necessary instructions to their subordinate officers to scrupulously follow the instructions.

The Director General of Police is requested to issue necessary instructions to all the concerned in the matter relating to Law and Order and bandobust arrangements.

Elections to Cooperative Credit Societies January /February, 2013

Government also hereby declare the Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies as the Chief Election Authority, for conduct of elections to Cooperative Credit Societies during January/ February, 2013. All the Heads of Departments are hereby requested to extend full Cooperation and support to the Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies whenever called for by him in the interest of successful completion of elections to the Cooperative Societies.

The Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, A.P., Hyderabad is hereby directed to instruct the concerned societies to follow the instructions scrupulously during the conduct of election without any deviation.


1)        Arrangement  of  polling  booths  in  educational  institutions,  and appointment of teachers as Polling Officers.

1.1      The Collectors as District Election Authorities are taking steps to conduct elections as per the polling schedule. In many of the cases the polling booths are to be setup in school buildings. Further the services of the teachers will also be required for polling work.

1.2     The District Educational Officers and the Chief Executive Officers, Zilla Parishad   are   requested   to   allow   the   officers   of   the   Cooperation Department to set up the polling booths in the schools situated in their respective areas of  operation.  The  District  Collectors  are  permitted  to appoint teachers as Election Officers/ Polling Officers for elections to the Cooperative Societies. The location of polling booths and deployment of teachers shall however be done without prejudice to the examination schedules.

2.        Employment of Government servants and employees of Local Bodies as Polling Officers and Polling clerks etc.,

2.1.     Elaborate arrangements have to be made for the setting – up of the polling stations, purchase of materials, Printing of Statutory Forms etc., A large number of personnel are required for use by the Officers working under the directions of the District collector for deployment as Election Officers, Polling Officers, Polling Clerks etc.,

2.2      The government, therefore, authorize the District Collectors to draft as many employees including Teachers as required from the Government Departments and Local Bodies in the Districts for employment as Election Officers, Assistant Election Officers, Polling Officers and Polling Clerks etc., Their absence from duty for attending to training classes and for election work shall be treated as on “Other duty”.

2.3.     All Officers and Local Bodies in the Districts are requested to spare as many employees as are required for attending to election work to the Cooperative Societies. The Government further direct that the Officers selected for  election work  should  not  be  granted  leave  or  transferred during the period of election. The persons appointed for election work should be informed that they should perform their duties diligently and that any slackness and indifference on their part will be taken serious note of and good work turned out by them will be taken into account while assessing their merit.

2.4      Police Officers and the Ministerial staff working in various units of Police Department, Executive Staff of the Fire Service Department, Subordinate of the APGENCO/APTRANSCO engaged in operation and maintenance work, Medical Officers, Veterinary Assistant Surgeons, Officers and members   of   the   Rail   Department,   Executive   Staff   of   the   Excise Department,  Staff  of  Commercial  Tax Department,  B.C.G.  Vaccination Team, Staff and Central Staff of the B.C.G. Vaccination campaign, all officers and subordinates, Executive Officers (Technical and Non Technical)  engaged  in  construction  work  in  Irrigation  Projects  like Srisailam, Malaria Health Inspectors and Malaria staff   engaged in the malaria Eradication programme, Treasury Staff, Staff engaged for Government and School/College Examinations and Technical Examinations working in Districts are exempted from duties connected with the election work.

3. Police Bandobust Arrangements:-

3.1    The   Director   General   of   Police   is   requested   to   make   necessary arrangements for maintenance of Law and Order in connection with the elections to Cooperative Societies. The Collectors are also requested to furnish the list of Polling Stations, the area covered, number of voters and the   places   and   number   of   polling   stations   in   their   districts   to Superintendents of Police, to assess the strength of the police required and for the preparation of bandobust arrangements.

3.2  The Director General and Inspector General of Police is also requested to issue necessary instructions to the concerned Deputy Inspector Generals and Superintendents of Police, for making arrangements for police bundobust for the peaceful conduct of elections. The police wireless networks may also be made available for sending and receiving communications in connection with the Cooperative Elections.

4.    Declaration of Local Holiday by District Collectors:

A number of public buildings like school/College buildings and other office buildings will be utilised for location of polling stations, distribution centres, reception centres and counting centres. In order to utilise these buildings for the purpose of Cooperative Elections, the Government hereby authorise the District Collectors to declare a day before the day of poll and also the day of poll as a local holiday for such offices and institutions whose buildings are used for the purpose of locating polling stations. Similarly he is also authorised to declare a local holiday on the day of counting for the offices and institutions whose buildings or premises are used for locating as counting   centres.   The   Collectors   are   requested   to   take   immediate necessary further action in the matter.

5)   Conduct   of   Government   servants-   Election   to   the   Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies-2012-13.

a) The Government desire to impress on all Government Servants that sub Rules (4)(6) of Rule 19 of the AP Civil Services (conduct) Rules 1964 which define the position of Government Servants in relation to elections to  the  State  and  Central  Legislature  and  local  bodies,  which  are reproduced here under,

i)        A Government employee qualified to vote at such election may cast his vote but, where he does so, he shall give no indication of the manner in which he proposes to vote or has voted;

ii)       A Government employee shall not be deemed to have contravened the provisions of this Rule by reason only that he has assisted in the  conduct  of  an  election  in  the  due  performance  of  a  duty imposed on him by or under any law for the time being in force.

iii) a) The display by a Government employee on his person, vehicle, residence or any of his property, of any election symbol shall amount to using his influence in connection with an election within the meaning of sub-rule(5).

b)    It is the duty of the Government servants to be scrupulously impartial in the discharge of their duties in connection with elections. Besides, being strictly impartial, they should conduct themselves in such a manner as  to  inspire  confidence  in  the public in regard to their impartiality    and  to  give no room  for suspicion on any account  that

they are favouring any party or candidate. The Government servants should not take part in any election campaign or canvassing or attend political meetings or rallies and they should take scrupulous care not to lend their names, official position or authority to assist any group, party or person except exercise their right to vote in accordance with the franchise rule. The activities of Government Servants in connection with election to the Cooperative Societies must be confined to the conscientious and diligent discharge of any election duties, which may be entrusted to them by the competent authorities.

c)    Various groups of members may apply for permission to hold election meetings in a public place or nearer to the premises of a Cooperative Society and while granting permission for such meetings, no distinction should be made between one group of members and another and if more groups than one apply for permission to hold a meeting at the same hour, only the party which has applied first should be allowed to hold the meeting.

d) The Government, direct that the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rule, 1964 mentioned in para 3.1 above shall be strictly followed by all the Government Servants of all ranks that, so along as they discharge their duties impartially and in accordance with the Law and instructions issued by the Government they will be fully protected by the Government, and no victimization need be apprehended.

e) The District Collectors shall communicate these instructions to the Government Servants of all grades working in various offices in their Districts.

6.        Closure of liquor and Toddy shops on the day of Poll & pre-polling day:

6.1       In  connection  with  the  elections  to  Cooperative  Societies  bandobust arrangements have to be made in the Districts. It will be necessary to take steps  to  ensure  normal  maintenance  of  Law  and  Order  and  prevent breach of peace. Availability of liquor and Toddy in the poll areas and in their neighbourhood will make the task of the police more difficult in maintaining Law and Order. The Government have, therefore, decided to close all Liquor and Toddy shops in the areas of elections in the Districts from 5.00 A.M. on the day prior to the date of poll till 6.00P.M. on the next day of polling.

6.2      The  Collectors and District  Magistrate  shall therefore  take  appropriate action, in exercise of the powers vested in them under relevant Acts and Rules, and issue necessary directions to the concerned.

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