13 Finance Commission Grants under Heritage Conservation Scheme

In partial modification of orders issued in the reference, Government have re-examined the matter in detail and decided to entrust 49 works valuing Rs.314.00 Lakhs pertains to East & West Godavari District to Panchayat Raj department for execution of works.

Accordingly, Government hereby entrust 49 works (as per Annexure enclosed) to the Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj Department for expeditious completion as these works are time bound.

The Director of Archaeology & Museums, A.P., Hyderabad and Chairperson & Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

1. G.O.Rt.No.2570, Finance (FC) Department, dated 26.5.2012.
2. G.O.Rt.No.409, YAT&C(PMU) Department, dated 12.6.2012.
3. From the Director, Department of Archaeology & Museums, LR.Rc.No.D2/924/2010, dated 3.12.2012.
4. Minutes of Review Meeting held on 8-2-2013.
5. G.O.Rt.No.122, YAT&C (PMU) Department, dated 18-2-2013.

West Godavari District Amount
Conservation of Sri Visweswara Swamy temple, Komarru (V), Ganapavaram (M) 4.93
Conservation of Sri Visweswara Swamy temple,                                     D. Kumudavalli (V), Ganapavaram (M) 4.97
Conservation of  Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple Bhimadolu (V&M), 4.9
Renovation & Restoration works of Sri Ramalingeswara swamy temple at Moyyuru (V), Ganapavaram (M) 4.95
Renovation& Restoration   works of Sri Malleswara Swamy temple at Ardhavaram, (V), Ganapavaram(M), 4.8
Renovation& Restoration   works of Sri SeetaRama Lakshmana Sahitha Anjaneya Swamy temple at Madhavaram, (V), Tadepalligudem (M), 4.94
Renovation& Restoration works of Sri ParvatiRama lingeswara Swamy temple at Pentapadu, (V), Tadepalligudem, (M) 4.98
Conservation of Sri Venugopala Swamy temple at S.Kondepadu (V), Ganapavaram (M), 4.8
Conservation of Sri Parvathi sahitha Rajeswara Swamy temple at Saripalli (V), Ganapavaram (M), 4.95
Sri. ChandraSekharaSwamyTempleCh Agraharam, Ganapavaram (M) 4.5
Re-Construction/ Renovation British Grave yard complex, Dakshina Veedhi, Eluru  (T) 13
Sri. KesavaSwamyTemple, Adavikolanu(V),  Nidamarru (M) 4.95
Sri. Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Nagulamalli (V), Nidamarru (M) 4.98
Sri. BalaVenkateswaraSwamyTemple, Nidamarru (V), Nidamarru (M) 4.8
Renovation  and Re-construction works of Sri. ChennakesavaSwamyTemple at Sanivarapupeta (V), Eluru (M), 4.9
Renovation and  Re-construction  works of Sri. KasivisveswaraSwamy  Temple at Kothapalli (V), Ganapavaram (M) 4
Renovation and Re- construction  works of Sri. VenugopalaSwamyTemple at A. Gopavaram (V), Ganapavaram (M) 4.8
Conservation of Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Tmeple, KaikaramVillage, Ungutur, Mandalam, West Godavari District. 4.94
Conservation of SriParvathsahithaBhemeswaraSwamyTemple, Ungutur, Village and Mandalam, West Godavari 4.92
Conservation of SriRamalingeswaraSwamyTemple, RachuruVillage, Ungutur (M) West Godavari District. 4.99
Conservation of SriKasivisweswaraSwamyTemple, KamsaliguntaVillage, Ungutur Mandalam, West Godavari District. 4.89
Conservation of SriUmaLingeswaraSwamyTemple, GollagudemVillage, Ungutur Mandalam, West Godavari District. 4.83
Conservation of SriJaganadhaswamyTemple, Pippara, Ganapavaram (M) West Godavari District. 4.81
Conservation of SriMarkendeyaSwamyTemple, Eluru, West Godavari District. 4.85
Conservation of SithaRamachandraSwamyTemple, West Vipparru, West Godavari District. 4.95
West Godavari District Amount
Restoration of SriAnjaneyaSwamyTemple at Gundugoluru, BhimadoluVillage & Mandal, West Godavari District. 4.95
SriRamalingeswaraSwamyTemple Palasanapalli Bhimadolu (M), West Godavari District. 4.96
SreeKsheeraRamalingeswaraSwamyTemple, palcole(V&M) 4.84
SreeMalleswaraSwamyTemple at Kesavaram (V) Ganapavaram(M) 4.8
SreeVenkateswaraSwamyTemple, Gundugolunu(V) 4.8
SreeBalagopalSwamyTemple, KagupaduVillage, Ungutur Mandalam West Godavari 4.99
British Library, MadhavaramVillage, Tedepalligudem Mandalam, West Godavari District 4.94
SreeUmaRajeswaraSwamyTemple, West Vipparau, Pentapadu(M) West Godavari 4.91
Conservation of SriMavullammavariTemple at Bhimavaram, West Godavari District 4.95
Conwservation at,  SriSwaraneswaraTemple, at Ganapavaram(V) &(M) Wst Godavari District 4.93
Conservation of SriChennkesavaSwamyTemple, at West Vipparau(V) Undi(M) West Godavari 14
Conservation of SriKaplieswaraSwamyTemple at Valluru Gampavaram(M) West Godavari District 4.95
Conservation of SriRamalingeswaraSwamyTemple at Patha Amberpeta, Bhimadolu(V)&(M) West Godavari District 4.9
Conservation of SriSakaleswaraSwamyTemple, at Pulla Bhimadolu (V)&(M) West Godavari District 4.98
Conservation of SriNakthiBhavanammaSwamyTemple at Pulla Bhimadolu (V)&M() West Godavari 4.98
Conservation of SriLakshmiNarasimhaSwamyTemple at Tadepalli Gudem(V)&(M) Pulla West Godavari District 5
Conservation of SriMahaLakshmiMahankaliAmmavvariTemple at West Vipparru (V)&(M) West Godavari District 4.91
Conservation of SriSitaRamaChandraSwamyTemple at West Vipparu (V)&(M) West Godawari District 4.95
West Godavari Total 227.07
East Godavari
BhavanarayanaSwamyTemple at Sarpavaram(V), Kakinada(M) 26
Sri Aurthur Cotton Residential Building Bommauru(V),Rajamundry(M) 33.5
SriVenkateswaraSwamyTemple, at Kapavaram(v), at Thallur,Gandipalli(M) 17.6
SriVeereswaraSwamyTemple at Kapavaram(V), Ramachandrapuram(M) 4.93
SriUmaSomeswaraSwamyTemple, Dangeru,K.Gangavaram(M) 4.9
East Godavari Total 86.93


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