Dispute Resolution Mechanism and Technical Support to TG and AP

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 (Central Act No.6 of 2014) came into force with effect from 1st March, 2014, providing for the reorganization of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh and for matters connected therewith. Under Section 81 of the Act, the Central Government may give such directions to the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and the State of Government of Telangana as necessary for the purpose of giving effect to certain provisions of the Act. As per Section 108(1) of the Act, if any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of the Act, the President may, by order do anything not inconsistent with such provisions which appears to him to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of removing the difficulty, provided that no such order shall be made after the expiry of a period of three years from the appointed day. Every order made under this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament.

2.       In the context of removal of difficulties in interpretation of the Act and resolution of disputes, there is a need for establishment of a structured mechanism to address the issues as they arise before they turn into disputes. There is also a need to take follow-up action on the reports submitted by various committees established at the State and Central levels and support the State Governments through a professional Technical Support Group. In view of these factors, in the circular read above, the Government of India, based on discussions with the State Government, constituted a Dispute Resolution Committee with composition as follows:-

1) Union Home Secretary                                                 –        Chairman

2) Chief Secretary of Telangana                                         –        Member

3) Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh                                  –        Member

4) Chairperson of Technical Support Group                         –        Member

5) Additional Secretary (CS), Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI   –        Member

3.       The Committee will be serviced by the Centre-State Division in the Union Home Ministry and supported by a Technical Support Group, constituted by the State Government.

4.       Accordingly, the Government hereby constitute a Technical Support Group (TSG) at the Centre for Good Governance, a National Institute of Eminence, comprising of a Chairperson of appropriate administrative and academic background, nominated by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh; Director General, Centre for Good Governance and 5 other subject experts, to provide technical / analytical support to the two State Governments and Government of India as and when needed. The subject experts to be selected by the Centre for Good Governance ought to have expertise in regard to state reorganization, good governance, public management etc.

5.       The group will analyze various committee reports and provide knowledge-based / technical support to various Governments in matters such as departmental restructuring, staff allocation, business rules, standard operating procedures etc. The Technical Support Group will undertake studies and analytical works in connection with resolution of disputes.

6.       The expenses in connection with the remuneration, travel, other incidentals will be borne by the Centre for Good Governance and reimbursed by the Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the ratio of 58:42. The Centre for Good Governance will be provided with a token sum of funding in connection with staff expenses and studies to be undertaken to start with.

7.       Orders regarding nomination of Chairman will be issued separately.

G.O.Rt.No. 2223 Dated:23-5-2014.
F.No.12012/1/2014-SR, Ministry of Home Affairs, Centre-State Division, Government of India, dt.12-5-2014.

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