Development of Web based MIS application Software

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad has submitted a proposals to Government and he has stated that during the State Level Schemes Sanctioning Committee (SLSSC) meeting held on 07.05.2012 has approved the proposal of Water Quality/Assets Survey and Mapping by outsourcing at a cost of Rs.600.00 lakhs under 3% NRDWP-WQM&S Programme Fund, with 100% sharing by GOI and Dt.07.08.2012 has approved the proposals of Geo-referencing, GPS survey of all Assets/Sources, creation of GIS maps development of web based MIS application software for Rs.2500.00 lakhs under NRDWP-Support fund, with 100% funding by GOI, by outsourcing and also with a request to accord administrative sanction in the matter.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad is informed that Government in principle approved the policy. However, the amounts may change as there are no standards available for this. He is further informed that based on the Draft RFP submitted vide his Lr.Dt.11.9.2012 and Dt.14.09.2012 he is directed to call for bids duly obtaining separate items under Financial Bid for one time collection and updation of water quality for all assets and sources as described therein and for every sub sequent collection and updations, in addition to Items already shown there, so that Government can decide which items to go a head with based on financial implications. He is also informed that no other changes should be made to the RFP without approval and a systematic proforma to evaluate the technical bids should be developed to not leave any ambiguity in evaluation and care should be taken to ensure transparency in evaluation by adopting measures like videography of proceedings to be evaluated by a Committee of CEs/ENC to evaluate the above bids and requested to send necessary proposals to Government when amounts are arrived at based on bids received along with his recommendations for approval in the matter.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, has submitted a Note on the work “Geo- referencing, GPS Survey of all Assets/Sources. Collection of Water samples and Testing, Data Integration of GPS Survey to GIS and further migration into spatial system and development of Web-based MIS application” for favour of information and for taking necessary action. As per the note of the ENC, RWS&S, Hyderabad, he has stated that as per the comparative statement, the rates quoted by the firm i.e. M/s Blue Frog Mobile Technologies Pvt Ltd., Visakhapatnam for Item No.1, 5 and 6 are less when compared to the rates approved by Different Government Organizations, may be considered for examination and approval.

The Government after careful examination based on recommendation submitted by the Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad in the ref.5th read above, hereby consider one time capture of RWS&S Assets and Source @ of Rs.673=00 (Rupees Six Hundred and Seventy Three Only) per asset as described in Para 1 of SCOPE of Technical Specifications Document, PART-B, Volume-I, including all taxes in the matter. All other conditions of RFP shall be applicable.

Administrative sanction is hereby given for Rs 33.65 Crores (Rupees Thirty Three Crores and Sixty Five Lakhs only), under NRDWS Support funds with GOI:GO A.P share of 100:0.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, shall take necessary action in the matter and details of all expenditure should be uploaded on IMS “Watersoft” System.

G.O.Rt No. 635  Dated 15 -04-2013 Read the following:-

1) From the SO&ENC, RWS&S, Hyd. Lr.Rc.No.AEE/DEE(Plg) SLSSC/2012-

13-11  Dt.23.6.2012, Dt.14.9.2012

2) Memo.No.14337/RWS.II/A1/2012 PR&RD (RWS.II) Department Dt.22.08.2012

3)  From the ENC, RWS&S, Hyd. Lr.No.AEE/DEE(Plg)/SLSSC/2012-13 Dt.11.9.2012

4) Memo.No.14337/RWS.II/A1/2012 PR&RD (RWS.II) Department Dt.03.10.2012

5) From the ENC, RWS&S, Hyd. Lr.No. T1/DEE (T)/RWS&S/GIS Assets/2012  Dt.18.3.2012.

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