Development of Pancha Mathams in Srisailam

There are five Mathams established hundreds of years ago in Srisailam. Srisailam is a Tapo bhoomi. Hence, not only ordinary pilgrims but many Sadhus used to come and settle in Srisailam and do Tapas. To serve the needs of such people, these 5 Mathams were established close to the temple. These Mathams are constructed mostly out of natural stone. These five mathams are presently in a bad shape.

2. Recently the Government has conducted a study and decided that there is a need to prepare a master plan for integrated development of all the 5 mathams. To prepare the master plan, Mr. Krishnan, who did master planning work for several temples like Upamaka, Ontimitta, Kanaka Durga, etc., is appointed in view of his experience in handling similar works.

Development of Pancha Mathams in Srisailam


3. Since these are heritage structures, it is decided to take the services of Prof.Satya Murthy of ‘Reach Foundation’, Chennai which specializes in such conservation and restoration works.

4. The restoration work consists of dismantling all the 5 stone structures and exactly rebuilding with the same material in a traditional manner. The other works like restoration of gundams, landscaping, lighting, signage and other amenities will be developed as per the master plan prepared by architect.

5. In this connection, one Mr. Kaja Lakshmi Narayana, well known Chartered Accountant from Vijayawada has come forward to undertake complete restoration and development of all the works of the Panchamatams with his own funds. Mr. Krishnan, Architect, Mr.Satya Murthy, Conservation Expert and Mr. Subbarao, Superintendent Engineer(Endowments) along with Joint Executive Officer, Srisailam will provide the necessary support and expertise to the philanthropist Mr.Kaza Lakshmi Narayana who is permitted to fund and undertake the restoration project.

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