Declaring Gaddapotharam, Bonthapally & Gundlamachnoor areas as Notified Industrial Areas

President, Model Industrial Association, Hyderabad and President, Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) have submitted  representations for declaration of Gaddapotharam (Kazipally), Bonthapally & Gundlamachnoor industrial areas as the notified industrial areas, informing that the members of their associations  have set-up Chemical and Pharma industries in five industrial pockets in the area viz. Khazipally-Gaddapotharam, Bonthapally, Bonthapally-Domadugu, Borapatla and Gundlamachnoor, way back in 1990s after getting all the required permissions and approvals including Consent for Operations (CFO).  He has requested the Government for notifying the said locations as industrial areas so as to facilitate the industries to avail various benefits being announced by the Central Government under the Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme (IIUS) and also incentives announced, from time to time, by the State Government, as these areas have immense potential to develop further as a major manufacturing hub for pharmaceuticals and related chemical products.

It is further be noted that Andhra Pradesh, particularly Hyderabad, has emerged as a major player in the Bulk Drug Industry sector. There are about 266 bulk drug manufacturing companies in Andhra Pradesh, of which 90 per cent are located around Hyderabad. Hyderabad is contributing about 35% of the country’s bulk drug production and has been labeled as Bulk Drug capital of India. The Commerce Secretary, Government of India, in the reference 5th cited has stated that the share in export of bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals from the state of Andhra Pradesh is about 30% of the total exports from the country and recommended for expansion of the existing units subject to compliance of Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board norms in order to give further boost to the exports from this sector.

Government permitted the existing Bulk Drug and Bulk Drug intermediates manufacturing units only subject to the installations of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facilities by such units to go for expansion duly complying with all extant environmental and other norms.

The matter was carefully examined by an expert committee constituted by the Commissioner of Industries which submitted its recommendations vide the reference . Based on their recommendations the Commissioner of Industries has submitted his recommendations vide the reference

The Government after careful examination of the matter and in view of the recommendations of the Commissioner of Industries, A.P., Hyderabad and under various provisions of the Industrial Investment Promotion Policy 2010-15 (IIPP 2010-15),  hereby  decided to notify the following areas as Notified Industries Areas, as these areas are already located within  Manufacturing Zones as notified in the master plan of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority and more than 140  industries are operating in these areas with all the required clearances including Consent for operations (CFO).

S.N Location Village

Survey Nos

Area in Ha.
Full Part



Gadda potharam Area

Kazipally 180 99.41


Gaddapotharam 12 to 16 7 to 10 , 25 , 28, 52 138.3


Alinagar 5, 12 to 17,20 to 27,30, 31, 32, 36, 41 ,43 to 48 9,11,18,19,27/1,30, 32 to 34, 41, 42, 47, 52


2 Bonthapally


Bonthapally 3,4,631,632,634,635 2,599,629,630, 633,

636, 637, 639,660


3 Bonthapally-DomaduguArea Bonthapally 205-208,213-224, 227-229, 231, 232, 254, 256, 265, 272, 471, 472, 490/2 192,202,203, 204, 209, 225,226,233,235-238, 250-253,255,257-262, 264,266-271, 273, 274, 466-470, 473-475,487-489, 490/1,497, 626 40.76
Domadugu 290, 347, 348, 351, 354, 355, 357-363, 365 289, 291, 292, 341 , 345, 346, 349, 350, 352, 353, 356 ,366, 367, 369, 371, 372


4 Bodupatla Bodupatla 4 to 15, 24, 28, 29, 374, 375, 379/2, 388-390, 392-396 3,16,17,30,31,269 to 272, 373, 376 to 378, 385, 391,397



Further, it is noted that though the Industries located in Gundlamachanoor have converted their lands for industrial use, the same has  not been reflected in the master plan of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority as manufacturing zone.  The Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association vide their Letter No. BDMA/Commissioner/MPDA/2013-14 dated. 21-09-2013 have requested the Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority to correct the anomaly by notifying the above location as Manufacturing Zone. Therefore, the following location is also notified as Industrial area subject to notification of the area as Manufacturing Zone by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority in their master plan.

1 Gundla machnoor Gundla machnoor 374, 375, 376, 377, 378 & 379 44.51

The following conditions will apply:

(a)    All the industries coming within these locations must have a valid Consent for Operation (CFO) issued by A.P. Pollution Control Board as on the date of notifying as Industrial Area.

(b)   The location including the areas of different survey numbers shall be within the manufacturing zone of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority Master Plan.

(c)    All other clearances, approvals, approvals under various applicable laws, acts and rules of all relevant departments as required shall be applicable to all the industries coming within these notified locations; and

(d)   All new industrial units proposed in the proposed Industrial Areas to be notified and those attract the provisions of Water (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1981, shall invariably obtain prior Consent for Establishment (CFE) from A.P. Pollution Control Board.

The Commissioner of Industries, Hyderabad shall take necessary action, in the matter.
G.O.Ms. No. 120 Dated. 22.10.2013.
1. Letter No. Nil, dated 14/08/2012 of the President, Model Industrial Association, Hyderabad.
2. Letter No. Nil, dated 02/09/2013 of the President, Bulk Drug Manufacturers
Association, Hyderabad.
3. Recommendation of the Committee constituted for this purpose
4. Single File No.29/1/2012/13884 of Commissioner of Industries, dated
5. D.O.Lr.No.15/36/2013/EP (Engg./Pharma), Dated:30-04-2013 of the Commerce Secretary to Government of India
6. G.O.Ms.No.64,EFS&T(ENV),Dated:25/07/2013

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