Debt Redemption Scheme to the farmers of 3 Mandals & 25 Villages

Government issued orders for debt redemption of agricultural crop loans and gold loans availed for agricultural purpose, together not exceeding Rs.1.50 lakhs per family along with infuse fresh capital not exceeding Rs 1.00 lakh per DWCRA group in order to financially strengthen the groups .

Government issued “Operational Guidelines” for implementing the debt redemption scheme to the farmersGovernment issued orders and identifying the lands located in Thullur and other 2 Mandals of Guntur District have been identified and proposed for the State capital region Area.

Accordingly, now Government has now decided and ordered that;

i. The redemption amount will be provided to the full extent as one time settlement to all the farmers whose family benefit eligibility (both in Phase I and II) is up to Rs. 50,000 after taking in to account the Scale of finance, will be paid in the Phase II settlement.
ii. Now Government decided that the 80% eligible debt redemption amount to be paid to 7403 farmers of 25 villages of Thullur and other 2 Mandals of Guntur District immediately, this is applicable for both Phase I and II eligible farmers for debt redemption.

All the implementing agencies Viz; Scheduled Commercial banks/RRBs/ Cooperative Banks as also Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Societies(PACS)m and Farmers’ Service Cooperative Societies (FSCS) which are accredited to the lending institutions for advancing direct agriculture crop loans are advised to follow the guidelines for strict compliance.

The State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) of Andhra Pradesh is requested to guide and monitor the implementation of the scheme as per the guidelines.

Debt Redemption Scheme – 2014: One Time Full Settlement under Debt Redemption Scheme to the farmers of 3 Mandals & 25 Villages of Guntur Districts etc.-issued:FINANCE (IF) DEPARTMEN

G.O.Ms.No Date: 28.01.2015.
1) G.O.Ms.No.31 Agriculture & Cooperation (Agi.II) Department. dt.10.06.2014.
2) G.O. Ms.No. 164 Finance (IF)Department dt 02.08.2014
3) G.O.Ms.No.174 Finance (IF) Department dt.14.08.2014.
4) G.O.Ms.No.254 MA&UD Department dt.30.12.2014.

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