Construction of flood protection wall at Ramalingeswara Nagar

Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada has submitted the proposals for the New Flood Banks formation was proposed along Ramalingeswara Nagar of Vijayawada for a length of 2.70 Kms upto Yanamalakuduru Hill based on Hon’ble Chief Minister’s assurance for which administrative approval was accorded for Rs.6.10 Crores vide G.O.Rt.No.1060, I&CAD (DR-1) Dept., dt.22-07-2006 and the estimate was technically sanctioned by the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad vide Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) R.No.68/06- 07 dt.21-08-2006. But the work could not be grounded due to delay in removal of encroachments existing in the proposed alignment.

The Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada has further submitted that during the year 2011, the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation authorities have already taken up the construction of retaining wall for a length of about 600 m at Ramalingeswaranagar to protect the 20 MLD sewage treatment plant which is under construction at the River margin. In view of the site conditions, the Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada has proposed to construct a retaining wall by starting at the end of Krishna lanka flood bank for a length of 1420m up to corporation wall & from km.2.020 to km.2.700 (680m) i.e., up to Yenamalakuduru Hill. The total length of wall is 2.10 kms excluding the length of 600 m taken up by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. The design finalized by Chief Engineer, Central Design Organization shall be communicated to Vijayawada Municipal Corporation for adoption in the reach of 600m to maintain uniform standards. Further Vijayawada Municipal Corporation shall be informed to make their own arrangement for disposal of outflow from the STP by direct pumping in to the river at their cost.

The Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada is advised to accord Technical sanction based on working drawings of Chief Engineer, Central Design Organization and keeping in view the above observations, regarding LS Provision for tender publication charges Rs.1.95 Lakhs and deletion of LS in Standard data.

Government, after careful examination of the proposal of the Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada hereby accord Administrative sanction for the work of “Construction of flood protection wall as mentioned in para 2 above along the left margin of Krishna river at Ramalingeswara of Vijayawada City: for an amount of Rs.104.62 crores. (Rupees one hundred and four crores and sixty two lakhs only)

The expenditure sanctioned in para (4) above shall be debited to the Head of Account “4711 – 01 F.C. – MH. 103 – GH. 11 NSP – SH (05) Embankments – 530/531 Other expenditure”.

The Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada is requested to take necessary action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (Expr.-PW.I) Department vide U.O.No.25163/609/Expr-PW(I)/1, Dt.26-09-2013.
G.O.Rt.No.620 Dated:03-10-2013

From the Chief Engineer, Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada, Lr.No.CE/KDS/VJA/OT-3/AEE.1/KLFB/ Dt.25-01-2012.

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