construction of Flood flow canal from Chagallu Barrage to Jajikonda vagu

The Chief Engineer (P) Anantapur in his  letters has reported the following :  the flood flow canal is proposed to stabilize 31,183 acres of localized ayacut under TBPHLC Stage-I.  This includes supply of water to system tanks for drinking water purposes , Putlur Tank, Komatikuntla Tank and Garuguchintala Palli Tank.  The water from Mid Pennar Reservoir Dam has to run 96km in M.P.South Canal before falling in to the Subbaraya Sagar Balancing Reservoir with capacity of 0.5 TMC.  The water is let into natural vagu and picked up at Regulator constructed across Jajikonda Vagu near A.Kondapuram village from where the Tadipatri Branch Canal takes off.  The storage area of Subbaraya Sagar Balancing Reservoir consists of huge of shale rock,  because of which the percolation and seepage losses are heavy in the said reservoir.  Heavy losses are observed in natural vagu course before reaching pick up regulator  at Kondapuram , due to the above reasons there is a total loss of about 35%.  The allocation of water for every year is reduced due to siltation of Tungabhadra  Dam.  The entitlement  of water to Tadipatri Branch canal for current water year is only 0.812 TMC  at MPR Dam against the original allocation of 3.70 TMC at Tungabhadra Dam.   The ayacut developed for the last 3 years is 7,793 acres only.  The tank of Putlur, Komatikuntla and Garugu Chintalapalli are also filled every year with the same water allocated for TBC system.  The water  at Tadipatri Branch Canal system is not sufficient for the total localized ayacut of 31,183 acres.

Due to the above the Chief Engineer (P) Anantapur reported that it is proposed to execute a flood flow canal from Chagallu barrage up to Jajikonda vagu from where Tadapatri Branch Canal takes off to supplement water for ayacut and drinking water needs.  The Chief Engineer has furnished the estimate for an amount of Rs.2526.40 lakhs for the work “  TBP HLC System – Line estimate for Investigation , Designs ,Drawings and construction of Flood flow canal from Chagallu Barrage to Jajikonda Vagu from km 0.000  to km 11.500 and requested Government to accord administrative approval.

In the circumstances explained by the Chief Engineer (P) Anantapur and after careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accord administrative approval for Rs. 2472.50 Lakhs  ( Rupees Twenty four crores seventy two lakhs and fifty thousand only) for the work “ TBP HLC System – Line estimate for Investigation , Designs , drawings & Construction of Flood Flow Canal from Chagallu barrage to Jajikonda Vagu from Km.0.000 to Km.11.500 in Anantapur District” as per the details annexed to this order.

The expenditure is debitable to the Head of Account “ 4700-01 –MH 104 – GH 11 -SH 27 Canals and Distributories 530/531”.

Chief Engineer (P), Anantapur shall take necessary action, accordingly. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department  vide their U.O.No.2634/F5(A1)/13, dated:06-08-2013.


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