Constitution of Committee for viewing the Telugu film “DENIKAINA READY”

In view of the requests made by the “Cine Prekshka Viniyogadarula Sangam,” Hyderabad and Brahman Organization Joint Action Committee in the references first and second read above respectively for ban of Telugu film “DENIKAINA READY”, Government hereby constitute a Committee with the following to view the film and make recommendations to the Government:-

1. Prl. Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Department ……. Chairperson
2. Senior Police Officer (as a representative of Director General of Police who deals with Law and Order) …. Member
3. The President, A.P. Film Chamber of Commerce … Member
4. The President, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce …. Member
5. Two representatives from Brahmin Organisation … Two Members
(nominated by Commissioner, I&PR)
6. The Commissioner, Information and Public Relations …… Member- Convenor.

2. The Committee shall submit its report to the Government on the contents of the film before 10.11.2012.

3. The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations is requested to take necessary further action accordingly.
1. Representation Dt: 01.11.2012 from Cine Prekshka Viniyogadarula Sangam, Hyderabad.
2. Representation Dt:05.11.2012 from Brahman Organization Joint Action Committee.

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