Compassionate Appointments to the Spouses / Children of an Employee died in Harness in APSRTC 3

Government issued orders specifying the  procedure   governing   the  scheme   of  Compassionate   appointment   to  the dependents of deceased Government employees from time to time.

Government issued guidelines to all State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) advising that the provision of employment on compassionate  grounds  in  the  case  of  those  employees  who  expired  while  in service, on the same lines as in practice in Government may be adopted.

Government have issued orders that the scheme of compassionate  appointments  in the State  Level  Public  Enterprises  should  be dispensed with and in lieu of the same, the following amounts to be paid as an ex- gratia to the dependents of the employees of SLPEs.

a) Class IV Employees           :   Rs.50,000/-

b) Ministerial Staff                   :   Rs.75,000/-

c) Officers and Executives      :   Rs.1,00,000/-

Government have issued orders to implement the Compassionate Appointments Scheme as per the consolidated existing instructions issued in the reference to restore the Compassionate Appointments Scheme  to  the  employees   died  in  harness  in  State  Public  Enterprises and Cooperatives,  with prospective  effect from the date of issue of the orders  in the matter and applicable only to such SLPEs and Cooperatives,  having positive net- worth which are financially   sound, earning profits for the last five years and not dependent on Government for any kind of budgetary support whether in the form of Government grants or subsidy.

VC&MD,  APSRTC,  Hyderabad  has requested to restore compassionate  appointment  and provide employment  to the dependents  of deceased  employees  against  sanctioned  vacancies.  He has also mentioned that APSRTC has not been making profits for consecutive last 5 years because of various external factors such as escalation  of prices of diesel, spares etc. The APSRTC is making all out efforts to reduce losses. He has requested that keeping  the  nature  of  jobs  attended  to  by  majority  of  employees  and  the  risk involved  therein,  Government  to  the  dependents  of  employees  died  in  harness under bread winner scheme as there are large number of sanctioned vacancies and there will be no additional financial burden to the APSRTC.

The VC&MD,  APSRTC,  Hyderabad, has requested to restore compassionate appointments from January, 1998.

Government,  after careful  examination,  hereby  accord  permission  to Vice Chairman & Managing Director, APSRTC, to provide compassionate  appointments to all the eligible dependents  of the employees,  who died in harness,  numbering around  1120  pending  since  very long time w.e.f  01-01-1998  in Andhra  Pradesh State  Road  Transport  Corporation   against  sanctioned   vacancies,   as  per  the recruitment guidelines in vogue subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria & qualifications, with  retrospective effect, as a special case and as one time measure.

The  Vice  Chairman  &  Managing  Director,  Andhra  Pradesh  State  Road Transport Corporation shall take necessary action accordingly.

This order  issues  with the concurrence  of Finance  Department  vide their U.O.No.33618/1454/A2/Exp.PW/12, Dt: 26-12-2012.


TR&B Department – SLPEs – Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation – Compassionate  Appointments  to the Spouses  / Children  of an Employee  died in Harness in APSRTC in lieu of Ex-gratia – Orders – Issued.



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3 thoughts on “Compassionate Appointments to the Spouses / Children of an Employee died in Harness in APSRTC

  • minhaj

    Govt of ap has dispensed compassionate appointments in public enterprises in 2001.and again restored in 2008.
    Injustice has been done between 2001and 2008 batch.
    Kindly do justice sir for any information plz call me minhaj9347205419.

  • hari

    sir my father has 5 years of service in desingttnation of Driver i am copleted 10 2 (inter) Sir please inform me that iam eligible for these appointment ( voluntary retirement) of my daad!

  • zaheer

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    we have to fight u are right to say injustice 1998 to 2008 batch we have to fight
    call me 9949920675