Rural Development Fund Grant 2012-13 to Kuppam Constituency

The Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad in his letter read above, has requested the Government to accord administrative sanction for certain works in Kuppam Constituency, Chittoor District, with an estimated cost of Rs.275.00 lakh (Rupees Two Crore and Seventy Five Lakh only) under MGNREGS Grant 2012-13.

2. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord Administrative Sanction for the works as indicated in the Annexure appended to this Order in Kuppam Constituency, Chittoor District, with an estimated cost of Rs.275.00 lakh (Rupees Two Crore and Seventy Five Lakh only) under “Rural Development Fund Grant 2012-13” under the following Head of Account as per applicability, subject to general conditions/norms stipulated by the Government from time to time:-
MJH 2515 Other Rural Development Programme
MH 800 Other Expenditure
SH (14) Construction of Roads and Bridges in Rural Areas under A.P.Rural Development Fund (25%)
310 Grants-in- Aid
312 Other Grants -in -Aid

3. The Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly and submit the UCs to Government soon after completion of the work within the stipulated time.

4. The Superintending Engineer, PR should check and verify that the works sanctioned in this G.O. are not already sanctioned/grounded/semi finished under any other grants. Secondly the technical estimate must be verified by the concerned technical sanctioning authority before grounding the work. Any discrepancy noticed is to be brought to the notice of the Higher authority immediately, who will inform to Government for further necessary action. The above instructions are to be followed scrupulously. If such works as sanctioned in this G.O is already grounded etc., it may deemed to have been cancelled automatically and the same may be informed to Government immediately for taking further necessary action



Sanction of of upgradation of certain roads in Kuppam Constituency ChittoorDistrict


S.No. Name  of  the  Mandal


Name of the work Amount  in lakhs
1 Gudupalli, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Pogurapalli   road   to


2 Gudupalli, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Sanganapalli road to


3 Santhipuram, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam–Palamaneru NH road to Syamarajapuram

4 Santhipuram, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Karlagatta   road   to

Preethi Chamanuru

5 Kuppam, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Gonuguru   road    to


6 Kuppam, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Mallanuru   road    to

Ragimanumitta village

7 Kuppam, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppam-Cheelapalli   road   to

Bevanapalli road

8 Ramakuppam, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Ramakuppam  ZPGHS  to  89

Pedduru road

9 Ramakuppam, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppiganipalli S.Gollapalli R&B

road to Pandhyalamadugu

10 Gudupalli, Chittoor Upgradation   of   road   from

Kuppiganapalli   to   Gudupalli railway station via Srigiripally


    Total 275.00



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