Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka-Single Desk

Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka-Single Desk (CHPK-SD) is instituted vide the reference 1st read above. Basing on the feedback received from the stakeholders regarding the implementation of the scheme and the decisions taken by the Hon’ble C.M. in the meeting held in the reference , the following amendments are issued to the G.O. issued in the reference How to Apply for Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka 


2.1. The Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka (Dulhan) is renamed as Dulhan (Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka)

2.2. The Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka (Giriputrika) is renamed as Giriputrika (Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka)


3.1. To enable better beneficiary facilitation, the registration of Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka (CHPK) applications at Mee Seva Centres is dispensed w.e.f. 01 October, 2018.

3.2. From 01 October, 2018 onwards, the registrations under CHPK shall be accepted only at the ‘CHPK Registration-cum-Help Desks’, set up by SERP and MEPMA at the Mandal Mahila Samakhya (Velugu offices) and MEPMA (Municipality Offices) respectively.

3.3. A graded incentive of Rs. 150/- shall be provided per application towards registration, monitoring and help desk services being provided at the Mandal Mahila Samakhya offices and MEPMA Municipality offices w.e.f. the inception of the Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka-Single Desk, from CHPK administrative costs.

3.4. The minimum time period for CHPK registration is reduced from 15 days before date of marriage to 10 days before the date of marriage.


4.1. There income restriction in respect of Bridegrooms is removed. Bridegrooms belonging to ‘Above the Poverty Line’ category shall henceforth be eligible under the scheme, subject to the bride belonging to the ‘Below the Poverty Line’ category.

4.2. Bridegrooms belonging to the (5) neighbouring States of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Telangana shall be permitted to apply under Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka, subject to the bride being a resident of Andhra Pradesh and the marriage being performed in A.P.

4.3. If bridegroom is not from Andhra Pradesh and is from any of the (5) neighbouring States permitted above, regardless of the caste/ community/ differently-abled status of the bridegroom, the marriage incentive shall be sanctioned as follows:

S.No Bride Community Applicable Marriage Incentive (Rs.)

1 Scheduled Caste Rs. 40,000/-
2 Scheduled Tribe Rs. 50,000/-
3 Backward Class Rs. 35,000/-
4 Minority Rs. 50,000/-
5 Differently-Abled Rs. 1,00,000/-
6 APBOCWWB member  or daughter of APBOCWWB member Rs. 40,000/-, if SC
Rs. 50,000/-, if ST or Minority
Rs. 35,000/-, if BC
Rs.20,000/-, if OC


5.1. Income eligibility: White Ration Card is being used to ascertain the ‘Below the Poverty Line’ status. In case White Ration Card is not available, a valid Mee Seva Income Certificate shall be considered.


6.1. The marriage incentive release is de-linked from the issuance of the Marriage Certificate with immediate effect. The (80)% marriage incentive shall be released after the marriage photo has been uploaded by the Kalyana Mitra, as part of the Marriage Verification (MV).

6.2. In case of non-issuance of the Marriage Certificate on valid grounds, the marriage incentive already released shall be recovered, in respect of all cases since the inception of the scheme.

7. All instructions in this Order, except those in para 3.3., 6.1. & 6.2 above, shall be applicable for registrations being made under CHPK on or after October 01, 2018.

8. The Director of Social Welfare is permitted to authorise payment for the above mentioned claims.

9. The Director, eSD, Director of Social Welfare (State Level Nodal Officer, CHPK-SD), the CEO, SERP, Mission Director, MEPMA and CEO, APCFSS shall take necessary action in the matter.

Social Welfare Department – Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka–Single Desk (CHPK-SD) –Certain amendments relating to Nomenclature, Registration Process, Eligibility Criteria, Documentation & Marriage Incentive Release – Orders – Issued. Social Welfare (EDN) Department G.O. Ms. No. Dated:29-09-2018

1. G.O. Ms.No.45, Social Welfare (Edn) Department, dated 18.04.2018
2. Review meeting held by Hon’ble C.M. on 4th September, 2018 on Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka

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