Bio-products firms established Constitute a Technical High Level Committee

In pursuance of the recommendations of the Director General (V & E) & Ex-0fficio Principal Secretary to Government, General Administration (V & E) Department and the circumstances reported by the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad in the references 1st & 3rd read above, Government hereby constitute a Technical High Level Committee with the following Officials and Scientist keeping alive the proposal of Legislation to formulate Rules and Regulations for bio-products as well as for further licensing, inspections, analysis, prosecution procedures etc., :-

1. Commissioner and Director of Agriculture, A.P., Hyderabad : Chairman
2. Addl. Director of Agriculture (Pesticides) : Convener O/o. Commr. & Director of Agriculture, A.P., Hyd.
3. Director of Research, ANGRAU : Member
4. Principal Scientist, Bio control Division, : Member Rajendranagar
5. Head Professor, Entomology, College of : Member Agriculture, ANGRAU
6. Head Professor, Plant Pathology, College : Member of Agriculture, ANGRAU
7. Head, Professor, Soil Science, College of : Member Agriculture, ANGRAU
8. Director (PM), NIPHM, Rajendranagar : Member
9. Deputy Secretary, Law Dept. Secretariat ; Member 10. Dy. Director of Agriculture (PP), : Member O/o. C&DA., Hyd.

2. The Committee shall be tied with constitution of India for basic constitutional philosophy to safe guard the interest of farming community using these bio-products and also prevent risk to human beings, animals, matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

3. The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad is requested to take further necessary action in the matter.

Agriculture Department – Bio-products firms established manufacturing bio-products – with fake / bogus addresses, selling laced with chemicals – Constitute a Technical High Level Committee – Orders – Issued.

G.O. RT. No. 309 Date:28-04-2014.

1. System Improvement Note No.10, dated 16-08-2013 (C No.2802, 219. 2808/V&E/D1/2013) received from the DG, V&E Dept.
2. Govt. Memo No.11035/Vig.1-2/2013-1, dated 07-10-2013.
3. From the Commr. & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad Letter  No.PP.II(1)1114/2013, dated 22-10-2013 & 06-01-2014.

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