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Badvel Municipality into 35 Wards

Badvel Municipality into 35 Wards

Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department – Badvel Municipality, YSR Kadapa District – Division of Badvel Municipality into thirty five (35) Wards – Draft Notification – Issued.

Under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Andhra Pradesh Act, 6 of 1965) read with rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 issued in G.O.Ms.No.31, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, dated 03.02.1995 and after due consideration of the proposals submitted by the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, the Government hereby notify the draft delimitation of thirty five (35) wards of Badvel Municipality as specified in the schedule appended to this Notification.

The Municipal Council, Badvel Municipality is informed that it shall submit its views /suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Badvel Municipality.

The people of Badvel Municipality are informed that they may submit their views/suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Badvel Municipality

A copy of the Notification is also sent to the Collector and District Magistrate, YSR Kadapa District and he/she is requested to affix the same on the Notice Board of his office and he/she is requested to give his / her suggestions about the division of the aforesaid Municipality into thirty five (35) wards to the Government immediately.

The Municipal Commissioner, Badvel Municipality and the Collector and District Magistrate, YSR Kadapa District may follow the procedure as stipulated under rule 12 of A.P. Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules 1994 and send their report to the Government through the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration immediately.


North: Start from D.No.2-1-239 to Porumamilla Road towards Southern side upto Y junction
East: Starts from D.No.2-1-239 towards Southern side of Nagula Cheruvu Katta upto 2-2-324
South: Starts from D.No.2-2-333 towards Western side of Mahalakshumma Temple Road upto Temple ends.
West: Starts from Mahalakshumma Temple to Porumamilla Road towards Northen side D.No.2-1-374

North: Start from D.No.2-2-441 towards Eastern side Pulabavi Street upto D.No.2-2-270
East: Start from D.No.2-2-270 towards Southern side of Darga Street upto D.No.2-2266
South: Start from D.No.2-2-265 towards Western side of Second Statue via Ammavarisala Street.
West: Start from D.No.2-2-218 to Porumamilla Road Northern side of D.No.2-2-668.

North: Start from D.No.3-2-809 towards Ammavarisala Street Eastern side of D.No. 3-2-698
East: Start from D.No.3-2-694 towards Southren side of Nagula cheruvu katta up to D.No.3-2-426
South: Start from D.No.3-2-503 to Parandhamaiah complex road Western side of Porumamilla main road up to D.No.3-2-426.
West: Start from D.No.3-2-873 to Porumamilla main road D.No.3-2-810 upto Gandhi Statue.

North: Start from D.No.3-1-303 towards Dudekula Street Road towards upto Parandhamaiah Complex road.
East: Start from D.No.3-1-252 to Ashok Nagar 3rd line upto Nellore main road.
South: Start from D.No.3-1-215 to four road junction /circle .
West: Start from four road junction /circle to D.No.3-1-304 via Porumamilla Main Road and Dudekual Street.

North: Start from Ruparampeta, Jambavantha Nagar including Nagula Cheruvu R.Sy.No.878, Badvel 1. Seelamvaripalle, 2. Part of Lakshmi Palem, 3. Butchireddy Palem runs up to Porumamilla Road Y Junction.
East: Vallelavaripalli Road junction, Porumamilla Road Y junction towards Nellore Bye pass road upto Dr. Y.S.R. Statue.
South: Starts from Dr.Y.S.R Statue, Nellore Main Road towards Western side to D.No. 3-2-331.
West: Starts from D.No.3-2-328 to Parandhamaiah complex.

North: Start from Badvel Pedda Cheruvu to Shothriya Ramapuram upto hillock.
East: Start from Shothriya Ramapuram Municipal Boundary to Vallelavaripalli i.e., Sy.No.343.
South: Starts from Municipal Boundary to Racheruvu towards Northern side of Vallelavaripalle SC Colony via Badvel Road.
West: Start from Sy.No.176 Madakalavaripalle to Badvel Pedda Cheruvu.

North: Starts from Porumamilla Bye pass Y Junction to Vallelavaripalli, Racheruvu via Shothriya Ramapuram Road.
East: Start from Vallelavaripalli Racheruvu to Sudarshan Ashramam via Municipal Boundary.
South: Start from Vulikonda Municipal Boundary to Teluguganga Colony upto Balayogi Balikala Gurukula Pathasala Compound wall.
West: Start from Balayogi Balikala Gurukula Pathasala Compound wall to Arogyapuram via Nellore Main Road Dr.Y.S.R. Statue to Shothriya Ramapuram Y Junction Road.

North: Start from Sivalayam Arch towards Eastern side of Nellore Main road upto Balayogi Balikala Gurukula Pathasala Road.
East: Starts from Nellore main road R.Sy.No. 975 Madakalavaripalle Balayogi Balikala Gurukula Pathasala (Gowrishankar Nagar, Teluguganga Canel upto ends)
South: Start from Sivalayam back side to Municipal Boundary ends.
West: Start from Ruparampeta Sivalayam to Radhakrishna Kalyana Mandapam via Nellore main road.

North: Start from D.No. 4-1-995 to Eastern side of Sivalayam Arch ends via Nellore main road.
East: Start from D.No. 4-1-734 to Anjaneya nagar via Sivalayam Road upto D.No.4-1690.
South: Start from Sivalayam Road Irrigation canel inside to Jangala Colony Road upto D.No.4-1-671.
West: Start from Fathima Church Burial ground to Fathima School Eastern side of D.No. 4-1-996 Nellore main road.

North: Start from D.No. 4-1-1 four road circle to Nellore main road upto D.No.4-1-1033.
East: Start from D.No. 4-1-1032 to Kolimiveedhi via Fathima School compound wall.
South: Start from Fathima School back side to part of Mahaboob Nagar upto RTC compound wall, Lakshmi devi Hospital Road D.No.4-1-1095 upto Siddavatam Main Road.
West: Start from RTC Bustand entrance towards Northern side of four road circle.

North: Start from D.No. 4-1-369 towards RTC drain upto D.No.4-1-543
East: Start from Mahaboob Nagar road to D.No. 4-1-652 to D.No.4-1-663
South: Start from D.No. 4-1-663 to Part of Siva nagar upto D.No.5-1-544 via Siva Nagar Road.
West: Start from D.No. 5-1-337 towards Northren side of D.No.5-1-191, left side of Siva Nagar including Mahaboob Nagar Road upto RTC Bus stand compound wall.

North: Start from D.No.5-1-544 Siva Nagar towards D.No.5-1-555 upto Sivalayam Road.
East: Start from Sivalayama Irrigation canel to Southern side of Jangala Colony.
South: Ruparampeta, Nagula Cheruvu and Pullareddy agriculture land upto D.No.5-1-678.
West: Start from D.No.5-1-677 to Northren side of D.No.5-1-642 runs left side to D.No.5-1-388 upto D.No.5-1-546.

North: Start from D.No 6-1-514 Pusalawada upto Eastern side of Sivalayam Road
East: Sy.No.892 Sivalayam Road with Chakalikunta upto Sy.No.813
South: Sy.No.813 Sundaraiah Colony Northen side runs into Mubarak Nagar D.No.6-1473.
West: Start from D.No.6-1-472 to Erikala Houses via Mubarak Nagar D.No.6-1-513.

North: Start from D.No 6-5-5 towards Right Eastern side upto D.No.6-5-17 via Madeena Maseed Road to Sundaraiah colony, Sivalayam Road upto Bund.
East: Madakalavaripalle Sy.No.813 Sivalayam Road to Sy.No.974 Chennampalle upto Municipal limits.
South: Sy.No.975 Chennampalle Agriculture lands, Municipal boundary upto Kamalamma Colony.
West: Start from D.No.6-5-5 towards Southren side Mangala Colony, Pusalawada water tank runs towards Sundaraiah colony upto Sy.No.1578.

North: Start from D.No. 5-1-1 from Lakshmidevi hospital towards Mahaboob Nagar upto D.No.5-1-152.
East: Start from D.No.5-1-153 towards Southren side of Urdu School upto D.No.6-2289.
South: Start from D.No.6-2-293 Western side of Pradeep School runs to D.No.6-2-778 upto Siddavatam Main Road i.e., Jyothirao pule statue.
West: Start from Jyothirao pule statue to RTC Bus stand road Eastern side upto D.No.51-776.

North: Start from D.No. 6-2-737 Jyothirao pule statue to Sidhartha school upto D.No.6-2292.
East: Start from D.No.6-2-292/1 towards Southren side of ST Colony upto D.No.6-1480/1
South: Start from D.No.6-2-259 Western side of ST Colony towards Siddavatam Main Road upto D.No.6-2-616.
West: Start from D.No.6-2-738 RTC Bus stand to Jyothirao pule statue Eastern side portion.

North: Start from D.No. 6-3-1 from ST Colony road towards Easter side upto D.No.6-1476/1
East: Start from D.No.6-1-475 towards Southren side runs into Mangala colony transformer ends upto D.No.6-3-452.
South: Start from D.No.6-3-453 to Market yard Main Road opposite upto Ramalayam temple.
West: Start from D.No.6-3-524 to RTC Bus stand road runs from Krishnadevaraya Nagar D.No.6-3-573 upto ST colony road.

North: Start from D.No. 6-7-1 from Market yard Northern side of Mangala colony road upto Eastern side of transformer.
East: Start from D.No. 6-6-18 to Southern side of Mahalakshumma water tank area, Mangala colony water tank to Sundaraiah colony Western side of Noble School upto Municipal limits of Chennampalle R.Sy.No.1572.
South: Start from R.Sy.No.1571 to Chennampalle towards Westerside of Siddavatam Road, R.Sy.No.1564 of Chennampalli upto cheruvu katta.
West: From Bakarapet road TGP canel Sy.No.1420 of Chennampalle, Sy.No.1421 to Bakarapet cheruvu upto Siddvatam road portion of Western side.

North: Start from D.No. 9-4-1 to 9-4-161 Bovillavaripalle full portion.
East: Start from Chemuduru, Chemuduru H.W., and Bakarapet upto Eastern side Chemuduru.
South: Start from D.No.7-3-1 to 7-3-117 upto Municipal limits.
West: Agriculture lands with Municipal limits.

North: Start from D.No. 8-1-174 to Eastern side runs to Seemank Hospital and back side of Ramanjaneya Nagar upto Siddavatam Main Road upto D.No.8-1-497.
East: Start from D.No.8-1-102 to Siddavatam Main Road upto D.No.7-1-602.
South: Start from D.No. 7-1-254 to Bullet Subbareddy Street upto D.No.7-1-196 with portion of NGO colony.
West: 2nd gate of TGP (EE office) compound wall.

North: Start from portion of NGO colony Main Road to Maheswar Reddy School right side D.No.7-1-256 upto Siddavatam Main Road.
East: Start from D.No.7-1-601 to 7-2-28 upto Siddavatam Main Road.
South: R.Sy.No.1581 Chennampalle with Bakarapet cheruvu.
West: R.Sy.No.1435 to 1531 with Chennampalle hillock Ilamma colony, Jyothybasu colony ends.

North: Start fromD.No. 8-1-748 Lakshmi vidhyaranya school to D.No.8-1-722 to Vengamamba Nagar, Fathima Mazeed compound wall towards Western side of Siddavatam Main Road.
East: Siddavatam Main Raod from Mazeed Complex to Jayasubbareddy Street, Church complex D.No.8-1-101 upto Jyothirao pule statue.
South: Start from D.No. 8-1-458 towards Western side of D.No.8-1-443 right northern side of Seemank hospital back side to TGP EE office Gate No.2 upto D.No.8-1183.
West: From TGP EE Office Gate-2 to D.No.8-1-190 Northern side upto Lakshmi Vidhyaranya school back.

North: Start from D.No.8-3-34 Mydukur Main Road to Venkataiah nagar, Gunpta nagar, Sastri Nagar upto D.No.8-2-1
East: Start from D.No.8-1-1 from four road circle to Siddavatam Main Road to Western side upto D.No.8-1-36.
South: Mazeed Complex wall D.No.8-2-156 to D.No.8-1-777, westerside upto D.No.82-237.
West: Start from D.No.8-3-51 Northern side D.No.8-3-34 Mydukur Main Road.

North: Start from D.No.9-1-100/3 to Kotireddy nagar, Ashramam Veedhi upto D.No.83-74 via Mydukur Road.
East: Start from D.No.8-3-22/2 to Southren side along BVR college compound wall to TGP EE office Gate-2 to Gate-1.
South: Start from TGP EE office Gate-I to Saibaba Temple road upto D.No. 9-1-161.
West: Start from Saibaba Temple road D.No. 9-1-161 to Northern side of BVR college compound wall to Western side D.No.9-1-123 to Mydukur Main Road upto D.No.9-1-100/3.

North: Start from D.No.9-1-612 Mydukur Main Road to D.No.9-1-242.
East: Start from D.No.9-1-242 to including Bhavanarayana Nagar upto Saibaba Temple Road.
South: Towards Western side of Saibaba Temple road upto hillock.
West: Start from D.No.9-1-590 Bhavanarayana Nagar Nothern side upto D.No.9-1-514.

North: Start from D.No.9-1-988 Sugar Factory to Mydukur Main Road towards Southern side of D.No.9-1-613 (upto).
East: Starts from D.No.9-1-615 to Bhavanarayana Nagar Road upto Akkadevathala Temple.
South: Chennampalle Mitta R.Sy.No.1581, 1593 to Chennampalle Road.
West: Sy.No.1601 Chennampalle Road to Chennampalle, ChennampalleH.W., Pragathinagar including Mydukur Main Road.

North: Start from D.No.10-5-1 to 10-5-98 Pangawandla palli full upto Municipal limits.
East: R.Sy.No.1616, 1623, Chennampalli Sy.No.963,973 remaining Agriculture lands of Gunthapalle village upto Municipal limits.
South: Start from D.No.9-2-28 to 9-2-168 Chennampalle, Thottigaripalli D.No.9-3-2 upto 9-3-170.
West: Sy.No.416,413,191 Agriculture land of Chennampalle upto Municipal limits.

North: Start from D.No.10-2-616 to Kummarakottalu Burial ground to Gunthapalle Main Road including Sy.No.1203 Eastern side of Agriculture lands.
East: From Burials of Kummara kottalu to Gunthapalle Road to Mydukur Main Road upto Dr.Y.S.R. Statue.
South: Starts from D No 10-2-1 Kummara Kottala to Mydukuru Main Road Northern side upto D No 10-2-550.
West: Start from D.No. 10-2-553 to B.C Colony road to R.Survey No 963 upto Gunthapalli.

North: Start from D.No.10-4-1 to 10-4-172, Raghunathapuram upto Municipal limits.
East: From Badvel Sy No 193 to Gunthapalli village Sy No 5,13,and 53 including Agricultural Lands.
South: Start from D.No.10-2-667 to 10-2-747, Gunthapalli and Harijana Wada including Agricultural Lands limits.
West: Start from D.No.10-3-1 to 10-3-218 Chinthaputtayapalli upto Municipal Limits.

North: Revenue Survey No: 1210 to 636,635,601 of Gunthapalli village Agricultural Lands, Reddiah Mattam Door No. 10-1-110 upto Bharatha Matha Statue Porumamilla Main Road.
East: From Porumamilla Bharatha Matha Statue to Four Roads Circle.
South: Start from D.No. 10-1-18 to Mydukur Main road via Guptha Nagar, Surendra Nagar upto Ramalayamu Arch Door No. 10-1-485.
West: Start from D.No. 10-1-488 to Ramalayamu Road Eastern side of Revenue Survey No 1210 Gunthapalli Agricultural Lands.

North: Revenue Survey No: 779,712,1210 Gunthapalli village Agricultural Lands
East: Start from D.No. 10-1-542 to Door No 10-1-574 via Ramalayamu road upto Mydukur Main road
South: Start from D.No. 10-1-576 to D.No 10-1-902 Via Surendra Nagar, Mydukur Main road portion easternside upto Gunthapalli Cross Road.
West: From Gunthapalli Cross Road to Gunthapalli village Road upto Burials D No 10-2554 to 10-2-656.

North: Start from Gunthapalli Revenue Survey No 397 to Akkapanthulu vari street Mayuri School, Papulla veedhi to Porumamilla main road upto D. No.22-1-422.
East: Start from D. No. 11-1-420 to 11-1-1 soudhern side of four roads junction.
South: Porumamilla Main Road to Reddiah Mattam Street including Rice Mill including Agriculral Land Sy No; 636.
West: Sy NO 630, Gunthapalli to Sy No 1207,526,517 upto Bankapalem, Eguvapalem.

North: Start from D.No. 11-4-1 to Gudem Harijana Wada Door No 11-4-199 upto Gudem.
East: Start from 11-1-574 Gandhi Statue to D.No. 11-1-923 upto Porumamilla Masjid.
South: Start from D.No. 11-1-537 Pappulaveedhi Northern side of Rajugariveedhi fully including Agricultural Lands.
West: Agricultural Lands

North: Northern side of Pedda Agraharam, Chinna Agraharam upto Municipal Boundary from D. No. 1-7-1 to D.No 1-7-387.
East: From Anginayaswamy Gudi near Porumamilla Road to Chinna Agraharam, Pedda Agraharam upto Agricultural Fields.
South: Start from D.No 11-3-739 to 11-3-694, Via Mangala veedhi road
West: Middalavaripalem and Govt Hospital road upto Gudem.

North: Start From D. No. 11-3-690 to 11-3-715 of Mangalaveedhi.
East: Porumamilla Road Masjid to Anjineyawamy Temple utpo.
South: Kota Veedhi including Agricultural Lands.
West: Porumamilla Main Road Masjid to Middalapalem road southernside of Kota Street portion.

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