Arogya Ratham – Hospital on wheels Central Drugs Stores on free of cost

AP Mineral Development Corporation has designed two Mobile Medical Units. These two vehicles provided under CSR by AP Mineral development corporation were flagged off by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 19-07-2017 in the presence of Hon’ble Minister for Mines and Geology Sri Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao at Secretariat with the following facilities:

  2. LAB
  3. Bio Chemistry Equipment – Semi Autoanalyser

– Centrifuse

  1. Pathology
  2. Hematology – Binocular Microscope
  3. Serology – Malaria, Dengue, HIV, HBSAG Kits


200 diagnostic tests can be done from blood, urine and stool samples.


  1. C.G Machine
  2. Multichannel Monitor
  4. OXYGEN CYLINDER along with Mask
  5. AIRCONDITIONER – 1.5 ton
  7. Weighing Machine, Suction Machine
  8. GENERATOR – 3 K.V
  9. CANOPY – to provide shade for waiting Patients


Health, Medical and Family Welfare department shall provide the required medicines on free of cost from central drug stores. The outcome of deploying this sophisticated Mobile Medical Units in terms of the following parameters:

  1. Malaria Positive Cases
  2. Dengue cases
  3. Japanese Encephalitis
  4. Jaundice (Hepatitis A&E)
  5. Diarrhea (Gastroenteritis)
  6. Malnutrition
  7. Anemia
  8. Maternal Mortality
  9. Infant Mortality

10.Low birth weight

11.Any other relevant parameters

The Mobile Medical Units will visit one major village having population of more than 5 thousand per day and they will extend the services from 9 A.M to 4 P.M. The diagnostic reports pertaining to blood, urine, stool will be delivered to the patient by a computer prin

These Arogya Rathams are in addition to the existing 104 (Mobile Medical Units). These Mobile Medical Units i.e., two Arogya Rathams are to be placed at Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram districts mainly in the following places:


S.No District Mandal




GK Veedi
2 Koyuuru
3 Paderu
4 Chintapalli
5 Dumbriguda
6 G. Madulgula
7 Hukumpet
8 Munchingput




10 Komarada
11 Kurupam
12 Mamidipalli
13 Mentada
14 S.Kota
15 Sambara

The District Medical & Health officers Visakhapatnam / Vizianagaram shall supervise and coordinate the performance of the Mobile Medical Unit. GPS facility is mounted on the vehicle. The movement of the vehicle and activity can be monitored at Command Control Centre of Secretariat.

Government after careful examination is hereby order to provide required medicines to the above two Arogya Rathams i.e., Mobile Medical Units from Central Drugs Stores on free of cost.

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