apsrtc.gov.in web site Hacked


Now (at 7:30 pm) website is working fine. We have to wait and see what government says about loss of data on website.


Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) official website Hacked. It is around 5:00 pm we observed that website was hacked by Bangladeshi hacker

This is second time Andhra Pradesh websites are hacked , First on 16 February 2012 as many as 27 websites of various departments of Andhra Pradesh were hacked, exposing the chinks in the state’s cyber security. The cyber criminals broke into one of the government servers and hacked the websites.

The websites which were hacked include those of departments of commercial taxes, general administration department, horticulture, factories, gazette notifications and government orders.  State Information Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said there was no loss of data. He told reporters that one of the 50 government servers was hacked and 27 websites supported by the server were affected at that time.

After More than 20 Government websites of Sri Lanka has been breached and defaced by Bangladeshi hacker group called “Bangladesh Grey hat hackers(BGHH)”. Now apsrtc website time has come.“Malicious hackers hack tens of thousands of websites across the world every year.”

apsrtc official website hacked 2013


It says orionshunters hacked your Site (H4ck3d By: -=[ OrionS-HunT3r oF BD BlaCk Hat Hack3Rs ]=-) Poor security makes government sites hack.

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