Appointment of 23 Deputy Superintendent of Police in A.P. Police Service

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission have furnished a list of (24) Candidates, who were provisionally selected to the post of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Category-II in Andhra Pradesh Police Service under Group-I, basing on the combined merit, roster points and the available vacancies in the above service, and requested the Government to verify the antecedents of the provisionally selected candidates by following the procedure prescribed in

Government Circular Memo No.132/SC-B/A1/2012-1, G.A. (SC-B) Dept., dated 15.11.2012, and the candidates selected under “ST” status be referred to the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Department, for through verification of “ST” status, as per rules in vogue, before issuing appointment orders.

Based on the selection made by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission and after verification of antecedents from Intelligence Department and Physical fitness certificates from the Superintendent, King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, hereby appoint the following (23) candidates, to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Category-II in terms of Rule-3 of A.P. Police (Civil) Service Rules, published in G.O.Ms.No.137, Home (Police-E) Department, dated 1st June, 1998, subject to the result of the Court cases, pending if any

S.No. S/Sri/Smt Register No.
1 D. Viswanath 361307203
2 V. Sripad Rao 360601005
3 Y. Prasada Rao 360406448
4 B. Ravi Kiran 360103044
5 M. Sravani 360607700
6 M. Kishor Kumar 361001636
7 D. Bala Chandra Reddy 361103603
8 T.D. Yaswanth 360803001
9 K. Latha Kumari 360102643
10 B. Suneel 360601348
11 A. Subhash 360802247
12 N. Ramya 361001874
13 B. Srinath 361205066
14 Shaanu Shaik 361002407
15 N. Bhargavi Marrivada 360603704
16 S. Ramesh Chandra Harshitha 361204516
17 K.V. Mahesh 361004230
18 S. Bhavya Kishore 361002362
19 M. Sreelatha 360900479
20 Y. Sruthi 360303495
21 Y. Jessy Prasanthi 361005784
22 S. Sireesha 361306318
23 K. Sravanthi Roy 360303553

3. The candidates appointed in para-2 above are placed on probation for a period of two years and six months on duty within a continuous period of three years. Their services are liable to be terminated at any time before declaration of probation under rule 17(a)(ii) of Andhra Pradesh State & Subordinate Service Rules,1996 with one month’s notice or one month’s pay in lieu thereof, if any adverse remarks against them come to the notice of Government. They shall retain their seniority in the category of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Category- II, as assigned by the Public Service Commission.

4. The candidates appointed in para-2 above, should report for duty before the Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri within a period of (30) days from the date of receipt of the appointment order as crucial date for reckoning the time limit. If he/she does not join the post within the stipulated period of 30 days, the offer of appointment shall be automatically cancelled and the name of the candidate shall be deemed to have been omitted from the list of approved candidates.

5. The Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri, shall obtain the declaration as per G.O.Ms.No.165, Finance & Planning (FW-FR.I) Department, dated 21.4.1984 to the above appointed DSsP in respect of their date of birth which is final and shall not be altered as specified in Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (Recording and Alteration of Date of Birth) Rules, 1984 as amended from time to time and send the same to Government. As soon as the candidates report for duty, the Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri shall verify all the original documents in respect of academic qualification, age, community, certificate of exclusion from creamy layer (for BCs) and physical fitness etc., with reference to the rules relating to service and entries made in the Unit List by the Commission and also with reference to the application obtained from the candidates and a certificate to the effect that all documents have been verified and found to be correct has to be sent to the A.P. Public Service Commission and Government. The Director General of Police shall also obtain the notarized affidavit from the candidates belongs to Schedule Tribe status and furnish the same to Government for record.

6. The Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri shall depute the new recruits to the training programme, which is mandatory to them.

Recruitment (Direct) – General – Group-I Services – Notification No.36/2016 – Appointment of selected candidates to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Category-II in A.P. Police Service – Notification – Orders – Issued.
GO.MS.No. 145 Dated: 25-09-2018
From the Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission, Lr. No.817/RS-29/2016, dated 25.04.2018

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