Appointment and functionalities of National Institute of Urban Management

The National Institute of Urban Management, Hyderabad has been setup to serve as Centre of sustained Monitoring and analysis of Urban Development Management and to provide training to urban sector officials of both ULBs, State and National Levels including elected representatives and it has been recognized by Ministry of HUPA,  Government of India as a National Resource Centers.  Further in the G.O. , orders were also issued approving Memorandum of Association and Bye Laws to register NIUM under A.P. Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act 35 of 2001) and the NIUM was registered on 29.07.2013 vide registered No.567 of 2013.

A meeting was held in the chambers of Chief Secretary on 30.11.2013 to discuss activities of NIUM and among other things, the governance arrangements were discussed.  A consensus was arrived in the meeting that in order to emerge NIUM as Center of Excellence Nationally and Internationally, it is to ensure that it runs as on autonomous body with aim of becoming self sufficient in 5 years and that the NIUM may run on the lines of institutes of Management and other such autonomous national institutes.  An emphasis was made that the NIUM may have the Director General,  ED, Programmes, ED, Administration and Finance and 5 Directors/Professors  for Urban Governance, Urban Infrastructure and Finance, Regional and Transportation Planning, Housing and Urban Poverty and Centre for Municipal e-Governance and others and that appropriate delegation may be taken from Board to the Director General.

Orders were also issued on funding of construction of Institute building, Plan for Operationalisation, Establishment of Centre of excellence  etc.  In continuation of the same Government issue following orders on the appointment and functionality of NIUM.

i)             All the Directors of National Institute of Urban Management shall report to the Director General.

ii)            The Director General, Centre for Good Governance shall function as the acting DG, NIUM take the time of selection of the Director General of NIUM.

iii)           The PD, APMDP shall act as Executive Director Programme and PIC, NIUM will function as ED, (Administration and Finance) of the institute.

iv)           Other Directors /Professors shall be  selected by the search committee OR through open & competitive Selection.

The Person-in-Charge, National Institute of Urban Management shall take further necessary action.

This orders issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.33248/618/A1/Expr.M&F/2013, dated 18.12.2103.

G.O.Rt.No. 1862   Dated: 28.12.2013

  1. G.O.Rt.No.206, MA & UD (UBS) Department, dated 20.05.2013.
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  3. G.O.Ms.No.508, MA & UD (UBS) Department, dated 27.12.2013.

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