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Want to know about Andhra Pradesh Assembly and want take a tour as how AP assembly or legislative council look like from different positions like Floor view, gallery view and even you can set at home and take a look at legislative library in 360 degree virtual tour by visiting www.aplegislature.org.


Assembly View 360 degrees

The official Website of Andhra Pradesh legislature lunched by Speaker Nadendla Manohar on Saturday (28-07-2012) in the presence of Council chairman A. Chakrapani . “A request has been made to the members to declare their assets and liabilities in the next 15 days so that they are uploaded and kept in public domain,” Mr. Manohar said.

Nadendla Manohar

This is good step taken by Mr.Nadendla Manohar to declare assets of every MLA and MLC and informed to public as and when a member acquires new asset. Another key feature was enabling the members to send their questions to the Legislature Secretariat through email. The portal developed by the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) provides several online services and facilities to the members.

A common man of Andhra Pradesh can Submit a petition to the legislative bodies with the following rules:

(1) A petition must be respectful, decorous and temperate and not contain any unparliamentary
language or otherwise offend any rule or practice of the House.

(2) Application shall not be made by a petition for any grant of public money.

(3) It should not relate to a matter pending before a judicial or quasi-judicial authority.

(4) The petitioner should exhaust all the available channels at the local level.

(5) The Principal Petitioner must provide proof of his identification.

(6) The text of the grievance and action required in each petition shall not exceed 250 words in total.

The Website also providing the information of each Member Accommodation / Staying Location.


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