Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014 Standard Operating Procedure Go MS 123 May 2 2014

The Government has issued series of orders, guidelines and instructions to ensure smooth and effective reorganisation of the Andhra Pradesh State in accordance with the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014. The Government has also established twenty-two committees to examine different aspects of the reorganisation process and recommend appropriate measures for implementation. Further, in the reference third cited, the Government has issued instructions highlighting the key activities to be implemented by every department of the Government. In addition, the essential actions to be taken by key departments of the government to operationalize the key provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act are summarised in the Annexure to this Order.

Accordingly, every department of the Government is required to issue appropriate notifications, Government Orders, instructions etc., to operationalize the provisions of the Act, latest by the date indicated in the Annexure. In this context, the Government directs all Secretariat departments to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) summarised in the following paragraphs while issuing orders, notifications, etc. relating to the State Reorganisation Act 2014.

The Chairperson of each of the twenty-two committees is requested to submit the report of the concerned committee latest by May 04, 2014. The report shall summarise the key recommendations with due justification; follow-up action to be taken by departments, institutions, individuals, etc., with timelines; issues to be taken up with the Government of India (GOI); essential activities to be implemented during the week preceding the appointed day (May 26 – June 01); issues that would require the attention of the successor Governments on and after the appointed day; and any other matter that would impact the reorganisation process.

Concurrently, every department is instructed to initiate proposals relating to its responsibilities under the AP Reorganisation Act to the Competent Authority in accordance with the rules of secretariat business. All files relating to the State reorganisation shall be sent directly from the department to the General Administration (SR) department, which in turn will obtain the approval of the Chief Secretary, the Advisor / Hon’ble Governor, as appropriate. Matters requiring consultation / concurrence of the Finance / Law / Services departments as per the rules of business shall be so indicated on the note file, to enable the General Administration (SR) department to obtain concurrence of these departments through consultations

The proposal shall be detailed with due justification and supported by relevant documents and recommendations, if any, made by the Committees and decisions taken during the meetings chaired by the Chief Secretary and higher authorities. While submitting proposals, the department is requested to place detailed draft Government Order on the file for examination and approval by the ‘competent authority’.

The departments dealing with matters requiring action by Government of India are requested to take up the matter with the counterpart ministries of the Central Government on priority through the Chief Secretary. A copy of such communication shall be copied to the Special Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, for follow-up.

All Government Orders, Circulars, Guidelines, important instructions and correspondence with Government of India relating to the State Reorganisation issued by any departments shall be copied to the General Administration (State Reorganisation) Department. All such orders, guidelines, circulars that have implications for two or more departments shall be issued in consultation with the General Administration (SR) Department to ensure consistency across all Departments.




 Notifications and Government Orders – Standard Operating Procedure Go Ms 123 May 2 2014

ANNEXURE to G.O.Ms.No. 123    General Administration (SR) Department, dated  02-05-2014




SN Part /Section Subject SN Activity Competent Authority Principal Department Deadline
I Part XII Legal Provisions 1 Notification extending all existing Laws, Rules, Regulations, etc., to both successor States with effect from the appointed day with a copy of these laws, rules, regulations made available to both successor States. Governor of AP Legal Affairs May 10
II Part XI Access to Higher Education 2 Notification detailing the policy framework, operational details, institutional arrangements, for ensuring equal opportunities for quality higher education to all students of successor States; continuation of existing admission quotas in all government, private, aided, or unaided institutions of higher, technical, medical, including agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, law, etc., in so far as provided under article 371 D of the Constitution for a period of ten years; and establishing mechanism for common admission process. Governor of AP Higher Education, Medical Education, Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Law, etc. May 10



III Part X &Schedule XII Matters relating to coal, oil, natural gas, and power generation, transmission, and distribution enumerated in Schedule-XII 3 51% equity of Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL) to be transferred to Government of Telangana SCCL Board Energy May 10
4 Notification ordering that existing coal linkages of SCCL would be continued and new linkages would be allotted to the successor States as per the New Coal Distribution Policy of GOI Ministry of Coal, GOI May 15
5 Notification ordering that end use plants of the allocated coal blocks shall be continued from the block to be supplied in proportion to their respective capacities. Ministry of Coal, GOI May 15
6 Orders stipulating that the Units of APGENCO will be divided based on geographical location of power plants Governor May 10
7 Orders that the existing power purchase agreements (PPAs) with respective DISCOMS will be continued for both ongoing projects and projects under construction. Governor May 10
8 Notification that the existing APERC will function as joint APERC for period of six months from the appointed day or until each successor State establishes its own ERC, which ever is earlier. Governor May 10
9 Orders that the existing State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) will function for both successor States for a period not exceeding two years under the administrative control of the Southern RLDC, Bengaluru. Ministry of Power, Government of India May 15
10 Notification that the transmission lines of APTRANSCO of 132 KV and higher voltage cutting across the successor States shall be ISTS lines and that those transmission lines falling within the territory of each successor State be transferred to the respective TRANSCO. Orders for maintenance of ISTS lines by the successor States need to be notified. Governor May 10
11 Notification regarding allocation of power of the central generating stations Ministry of Power, Government of India Energy May 15
12 Notification reassigning Ananthapur, Kurnool districts from Central DISCOM to Southern DISCOM Governor May 10
13 Notification for reorganisation of GENCO, TRANSCO, Central and Southern DISCOMS duly apportioning the assets, liabilities, investments, loans, equities, staff, etc., in accordance with the provisions of AP Reorganisation Act 2014 Governor May 15
IV Section 94 Fiscal Measures including tax incentives 14 Proposals to Government of India for tax incentives; expansion of social and economic infrastructure; assistance for creation of essential facilities in the new capital Governor General Administration (SR) Department May 10
V Part-IX Management and Development of Water Resources 15 Constitution of Godavari and Krishna River Management Boards and notification of detailed terms-of-reference relating to functions, staffing, jurisdiction, standard operating procedures and regulations for management. Ministry of Water Resources, GOI Irrigation and CAD May 25
Section 90 Polavaram Irrigation Project as National Project 16 Notification of or Polavaram Irrigation Project as National Project along with operational guidelines Ministry of Water Resources, GOI Irrigation &CAD May 25
Section 91 Arrangements on Tungabhadra Board 17 Notification duly providing representation to the successor States of AP and Telangana on the Tungabhadra Board
Water and Irrigation Management in both successor States 18 Orders detailing the institutional structure, staffing, and water management protocol in both successor States; mechanism for inter-state collaboration and coordination; and management of emergencies, etc. Governor Irrigation and CAD May 15
VI Part VIII Provision as to Services 19 Notification provisionally allocating posts and persons to serve the State of Telangana until the final allocation DOPT, Government of India General Administration (SR) May 25
VII Part VII Provision as to certain Corporations 20 Reconstitution of AP State Finance Corporation (Section-70) Government of India Board of APSFC May 31
Section 71 21 Notification by Government of India delegating authority for restructuring the Schedule-IX companies by the existing State of Andhra Pradesh Department of Company Affairs, GOI GA (SR) Department May 15
Section 72 Temporary provision as to continuation of certain existing road transport permits 22 Notification extending the validity of permits granted by the existing State of AP before the appointed day until their expiry to both successor States; and continuation of exemption from levy of toll, entrance fees, and other charges, etc., in both successor States Ministry of Surface Transport, GOI Transport May 20
Schedule IX Reorganisation / restructuring of Schedule-IX institutions 23 Reorganisation of Schedule –IX institutions that include inter alia, reorganisation plan with time-schedule, finalisation accounts until 2013-14 FY and certification by the Principal Accountant General (A&E), division of assets, liabilities, loans, equity, staff, etc., in accordance with the standard operating procedures established under the statute and reconstitution of the management structure and finalisation of budgetary demands for 2014-15 FY in both states. Policy architecture by the Hon’ble Governor; operational decisions by the Chief Secretary All concerned Departments May 15
Schedule X Restructuring / reorganisation of Schedule X institutions 24 Detailed operational guidelines / protocol for the management of Schedule-X institutions on and after the appointed day, including restructuring and reorganisation, as appropriate, including staffing and financing plans. Governor Planning / GA (SR) May 15
VIII Part II Administrative framework for the villages specified in GOMs No.111 Irrigation and CAD Department dated 27.06.2005 25 Notification detailing the administrative framework, staffing, management structure for delivery of services, systems for development planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring. Governor Planning / GA (SR) May 15
IX Section 5(1) Allocation of Office Space 26 Allocation of office, Legislature and residential buildings between the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Governor of AP Roads & Buildings May 05
27 Allocation of space for the offices of Ministers of the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Governor of AP May 05
28 Structural Changes and Furnishing of the offices Advisors to the Governor May 25
X Part VIII Architecture of the Secretariat departments and allocation of Posts to the departments 29 Tentative Secretariat structure for the Governments of Telangana & AP, delineating the departments Governor General Administration (SR) department May 05
30 Provisional allocation of posts to all secretariat departments from Additional Secretary to last grade employees Chief Secretary All departments coordinated by GA (SR) department May 25
XI Part-II Allocation of office space for the secretariat departments & HoDs 31 Allocation of office space for the secretaries and other staff members of secretariat departments Chief Secretary Roads & Buildings May 10
32 Structural changes and furnishing, if required and installation of signboards and name / designation plates Advisors to the Governor General Administration (Services) & R&B May 25
33 Establishment of telephone and IT systems for the secretariats of both States Chief Secretary IT&C Department May 25
34 Allocation of space for the HOD offices and structural modifications if required Chief Secretary R&B department May 25
35 Allocation of space for storage of record relating to period prior to April 01, 2008 and earmarking of posts /persons responsible for its safekeeping Chief Secretary R&B & GA (Services) May 15


XII Transfer of Assets Division of AP Bhavan and other assets outside the State 36 Allocation of fixed assets outside AP to the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Governor GA (Protocol) May 15
XIII Allocation of Moveable Assets 37 Allocation of key moveable assets like vehicles, IT hardware, etc. Chief Secretary GA (Services) May 06
XIV File Management 38 Comprehensive protocol issued for transfer of current and disposed files to two States. Chief Secretary GA (SR) Department May 10
XV Transition Plan for the Pre-Appointed Day Week (May 26-June 01) 39 Orders detailing the protocol for handing over and taking over of all assets, liabilities, files, staff, reports, etc., by both successor states, including the detailed operational plan on the appointed day. Chief Secretary GA (SR) department May 25
XVI Post-Reorganisation Priorities. 40 Catalogue and handover key issues requiring immediate attention of and action by the successor Governments. Chief Secretary Planning &GA (SR) department May 25

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