Andhra Pradesh Regulation for Unapproved and Illegal Layouts

Government  of Andhra Pradesh with G.O.Ms.No.902 Dated: 31.12.2007 and  G.O.Ms.No.113 Dated: 31.01.2008 have issued  rules  for  Andhra Pradesh Regulation of Unapproved and Illegal Layouts, 2007.

Subsequently,  Government have issued    orders  for  constitution  of  Appellate  Committee  for  the Andhra Pradesh Regulation and Penalization for Unauthorizedly constructed buildings and buildings constructed in deviation of the sanctioned plan Rules 2007 and Andhra Pradesh Regulation of Un- approved and Illegal Layouts, 2007.

Further  Government have issued amendments and further orders, in partial modifications to the GO wherein it was stated that  in super-session a  State  Level  Monitoring  Committee  and Appellate   Committees   were   constituted   for   disposing   the applications received under Building Penalization Scheme.

A representation was received by the Government, wherein the applicant has informed the Government that, when he represented the Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali & Mangalagiri Urban Development Authority, Vijayawada  for resolving a Layout Regularization Scheme Dispute, the Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali & Mangalagiri Urban Development Authority, Vijayawada   authorities have conveyed the information that, Appellate Committee for Layout Regularization Scheme disputes has not been constituted and therefore, the applicant requested the Government to constitute an Appellate Committee as per GO.

In view of the above, Government after careful examination of the matter hereby orders that the Appellate Committee and State Level Monitoring Committee which were constituted vide GO for disposal of BPS appeal applications are also extended to LRS appeal cases made by the applicants.

All  the  Commissioners  of  Municipal  Corporations/ Municipalities/ Nagar Panchayats, the Metropolitan Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, Hyderabad and the Vice Chairmen of Urban Development Authorities are requested to take necessary action accordingly.

G.O.Ms.No.901    MA&UD    (M1)    Department    Dated: 31.12.2007

G.O.Ms.No.112    MA&UD    (M1)    Department    Dated: 31.01.2008

G.O.Ms.No.2       MA&UD   (M1)   Department,   Dated: 02.01.2008

G.O.Ms.No.395   MA&UD   (M1)   Department,   Dated: 17.06.2009

From P V Vasantha   Rao   representation   Dated: 06.12.2012 and 18.03.2013

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