Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Service Rules, 2001 1

Prior to 2001, there were two independent Executive posts in Panchayat Raj Department at Mandal level viz.  Extension Officer (Panchayats) and Extension Officer (Rural Development) with the cadre strength of 380 and 1095 respectively. To have a close supervision and organic link between Gram Panchayat and Mandal Parishad, the functions of Extension Officer(Panchayats) were devolved to Extension Officer (Rural Development) and abolished the post of Extension Officer (Panchayats) and adjusted the existing Extension Officer (Panchayats) against the post of Extension Officer (Rural Development) duly protecting their scale of pay and salary drawn by them and also re-designated the post of Extension Officer (Rural Development) at Mandal level as Extension Officer (PR&RD) vide G.O.Ms.No.303, PR&RD (MDL.II) Dept. dt.4. 10.2001.

Initially, the post of Extension Officer (Rural Development) was Non Gazetted and Extension Officer (Panchayats) was Gazetted. In order to protect their existing scale of pay and Gazetted status, the then Extension Officer (Panchayats) were given special status and re-designated as Gazetted Extension Officer (PR&RD) Grade.I vide G.O.Ms.No.345, PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.21.11.2001. Subsequently, the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) was made Gazetted vide G.O.Ms.No.333, PR&RD (MDL.II) Dept. dt.1.11.2004 in order to achieve uniformity and assigned same scale of pay to that of Extension Officer (Panchayats) by the PRC vide G.O.Ms.No.507, Finance(PC.I) Dept.  dt.10.06.2004. Thereafter, the A.P. Panchayat Raj Subordinate Service Rules were issued for the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) vide G.O.Ms.No.394, PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.30.12.2004 duly making the Panchayat Secretary Category III (Village Development Officers Gr.I) and Senior Assistants of Zilla Praja Parishads/Mandal Praja Parishads as  feeder categories.

Consequent on abolition of the post of Extension Officer (Panchayats), the feeder categories such as Executive Officer Gr.I, Senior Assistants of O/o Commissioner, PR&RE and District Panchayat Officer/Divisional Panchayat Officer units were deprived of their  promotional opportunities.

Subsequent to introduction of Panchayat Secretary system in 2001, both the Executive Officers and Village Development Officers are brought into the fold of Panchayat Secretaries. Consequent on creation of separate Revenue functionary at Village level and on formation of Panchayat clusters, the post of Panchayat Secretary which was divided into  seven categories as per  G.O.Ms.No.295, PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept.  dt.2.08.2002 has  been regrouped into four grades and have fixed cadre strength of each grade vide G.O.Ms.No.81,PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.20.02.2010. According to the G.O.Ms.No.81,PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.20.02.2010 the post of Panchayat Secretary Gr.I is a merger of three categories such as  Executive Officer Gr.I, Gr.II and Village Development Officer Gr.I.

Since there was neither integration of the three separate categories of  erstwhile Executive Officer Gr.I & Gr.II and  Village Development Officer Gr.I, nor was there any separate roaster system to accommodate them in the promotion post of E.O.(PR&RD),  the Commissioner, PR&RE has submitted a proposal for preparation of inter-se-seniority of Panchayat Secretary Gr.I to consider for promotion to the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) after due consultation with the  stake holders  who have agreed to apportion the posts of Extension Officer (PR&RD) earmarked for Panchayat Secretary Gr.I in the  ratio  of 55:45 between Executive Officer Gr.I & II on the one hand and VDO Grade.I on the other hand respectively. For more clarity the following illustration showing the cycle points earmarked for all the feeder categories to consider for promotion to the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) may be seen. 


a. Total number Extension Officer (PR&RD) posts considered.


99 posts.
b. Number of posts reserved for direct recruitment @ 33.1/3%  as per GO Ms.No. 253, PR&RD Deptt., dt. 29.8.2012


33 posts.
c. Number of posts reserved for Senior Assistants of ZPP/MPP  @  13% as per GO 253, dt. 29 .8.2012


13 posts.
d. Number of posts reserved for Senior Assistant in the Offices of DPO/DLPO @ 5% as per GO 253,     dt.29.8 .2012


5   posts
e. Balance 48 posts
(i) Out of the balance posts meant for Pt.Secy. Gr.I Considering the formula of 55 : 45 for sharing between the three sub components,   the number of posts falling in the quota of Panchayat Secretary Gr.I consisting of  EO Gr.I/Gr.II @ 55% is equal to 26 posts.
(ii) Out of the balance posts, number of posts falling in the quoto  of VDO Gr.I, sub component of Panchayat Secretary Gr.I equal to 22 posts.


f. Grand total 99 posts

There has been no promotions to the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) from the year 2007, because of inter-se-seniority dispute amongst various feeder categories.  As a result 544  posts out of  1097  posts have fallen vacant constituting  50%  of total posts.  Extension Officer (PR&RD) is a crucial post at Mandal level not only to coordinate various Rural Development Programmes at  Mandal  level but also to function as extension support  to Gram Panchayat. The administration of Gram Panchayats is severely impacted because of the vacancies. Further under the new scheme of Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyan (RGPSA) Government of India is supporting Gram Panchayats to strengthen their administration and raise financial resources so as to meet the felt needs of the Rural people as per the mandate of the Constitution and A.P. Panchayat Raj Act, 1994.   Considering all these aspects, Government after careful scrutiny of the proposal of the Commissioner, PR&RE, AP, Hyderabad have decided to amend AP Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Rules, 2001 by providing apportionment of promotion posts amongst the three sub components of the post of Panchayat Secretary Gr.I, i.e. Executive Officer Gr.I, Executive Officer Gr.II on the one hand and Village Development Officer Gr.I on other hand in the ratio of 55:45 respectively which is considered proportionate and meeting the genuine demand of all the three sub components. As per this apportionment the posts falling to the share of  the sub component of Executive Officer Gr.I and Gr.II  would be filled up by Executive Officer Gr.I & Executive Officer Gr . II in that order.

Accordingly, the appended Notification will be published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette.            


N O T I F I C A T I O N 

        In exercise of the powers conferred in Proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India read with the sub section 1 of Section 268 of  the Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 ( Andhra Pradesh Act No. 13 of 1994), the Governor of Andhra  Pradesh  hereby  makes  the  following Amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Service Rules, 2001 issued in GO Ms No. 347, PR&RD (E.VI) Department, dated 21.11.2001.



        In the said Rules under Rule 3, for Note 5, the following Table shall be substituted namely:


Note 5:  The appointment to the post of Extension Officer (PR&RD) shall be made from the feeder category in the following order:


1st vacancy DR 51st vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
2nd vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 52nd  vacancy DR
3rd vacancy Sr. Assts. (DPO/DL.P.O) 53rd  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
4th vacancy DR 54th  vacancy Sr. Assts. (DPO/DL.P.O)
5th Vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 55th  vacancy DR
6th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 56th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
7th vacancy DR 57th  vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
8th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 58th vacancy DR
9th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 59th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
10th vacancy DR 60th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
11th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 61st vacancy DR
12th vacancy Sr. Assts. (DPO/DL.P.O) 62nd  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
13th vacancy DR 63rd  vacancy Sr. Assts. (DPO/DL.P.O)
14th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 64th  vacancy DR
15th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 65th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
16th vacancy DR 66th vacancy Sr.Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
17th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 67th  vacancy DR
18th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 68th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
19th vacancy DR 69th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
20th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 70th vacancy DR
21st vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP) 71st vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
22nd vacancy DR 72 nd vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
23rd vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 73 rd vacancy DR
24th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 74th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
25th vacancy DR 75th  vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
26th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 76th vacancy DR
27th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 77th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
28th vacancy DR 78th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
29th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 79th vacancy DR
30th vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP) 80th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
31st vacancy DR 81st  vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
32nd vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 82nd vacancy DR
33rd vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 83rd  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
34th vacancy DR 84th   vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
35th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 85th  vacancy DR
36th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 86th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
37th vacancy DR 87th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
38th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 88th vacancy DR
39th vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP) 89th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
40th vacancy DR 90th  vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
41st vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 91st  vacancy DR
42nd  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II) 92nd  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
43rd vacancy DR 93rd vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
44th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I) 94th vacancy DR
45th vacancy Sr.Assts. (DPO/DL.P.O)  95th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
46th vacancy DR 96th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)
47th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (E.O.Gr.I/Gr.II)  97th vacancy DR
48th vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)  98th  vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)
49th vacancy DR 99th  vacancy Sr. Assts. (ZPP/MPP)
50th vacancy P.S. Gr.I (VDO Gr.I)    

 Provided that in the sub component of Panchayat Secretary Grade.I (Executive Officer Gr.I /Gr.II), after exhausting the cadre of  Executive Officer Gr.I, the category of Executive Officer Gr.II shall be  considered for promotion to the post of  Extension Officer (PR&RD.).

G.O.Ms.No. 15 Dated: 24-01-2014
1. G.O.MS.No.347, PR&RD(E.VI) Dept. Dt. 21.11.2001
2. G.O.Ms.No.81, PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.20.02.2010
3. G.O.Ms.No. 84 ,PR&RD(MDL.II) Dept. dt.24.02.2010
4. G.O.Ms.No.253, PR&RD(E.VII) Dept. dt. 29.08.2012
5. From the Commissioner, PR&RE, Lrs.No.9758/CPR&RE/
B2/2013, Dt. 09.12.2013. & Dt. 18.12.2013

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