Andhra Pradesh Online Budget 2013-14 Release Orders – Instructions

The Andhra Pradesh Appropriation Vote on Account, Act No.2 of 2013 relating to budget for 2013-14 have been forwarded to all Heads of Departments and Departments of Secretariat for enabling them to incur expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of the State during the Vote-on-Account period.

Instructions were issued to the Director of Treasuries and Accounts and Director of Works Accounts to authorize the expenditure to the extent of 1st Quarter Provision during the Vote-on-Account period i.e. from 1-4-2013 to 30-6-2013 from out of allocations made for the full year under Plan and Non Plan.

In pursuance of orders issued in the reference 10th read above communicating the Appropriation Act, No.3 relating to Budget 2013-14, Government hereby order issue of Online Budget Release Orders from 1st July, 2013 onwards for all the Plan schemes and also for certain items under Non-Plan which requires sanction of expenditure by the Government including the items of expenditure included in the “Green Channel Scheme”

The Online BRO will be issued in the proforma appended to this order during 2013-14 as programmed below for (i) All Plan schemes, (ii) The Schemes under Non-Plan under the detailed heads 270 – Minor Works, 310 Grants-in-Aid, 320 Contributions, 330 Subsidies, 520 Machinery & Equipment for which sanction of expenditure by the Government is necessary.

1st Quarter The 1st quarter allocations from 2013-14 have already been communicated to the Departments vide reference 7th read above authorizing the Departments to incur expenditure for a part of financial year (roughly equal to expenditure likely to be incurred during the first quarter of the year). This shall be considered as the 1st Installment.

2nd Quarter 25% of the budget provision of 2013-14 will be released through Online BRO on 1st July, 2013 as 2nd Installment subject to department’s / HOD’s  compliance with issue of administrative sanction and distribution statement.

3rd Quarter 25% of the budget provision of  B.E. 2013-14 will be released
through Online BRO on 30th September, 2013 as 3rd Installment subject to
utilizing 90% of the 1st Quarter (Vote on Account) release by 31st August, 2013 and also issue of  administrative sanction for the 2nd Quarter release.

4th  Quarter  4th Installment will be released through Online BRO for the balance amount available as per RE 2013-14 and after utilizing 90% of the 2nd quarter release, by 31st December, 2013.

The additional amounts, if any authorized during Vote-on-Account period over and above the 1st quarter allocation of B.E. 2013-14, shall be adjusted from subsequent quarter releases to be made during the financial year.

In respect of items of expenditure included in the “Green Channel Scheme” vide references 5th and 6th read above, the Online BROs shall be issued as per the periodicity mentioned against each item of expenditure separately.

In respect of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Central Assistance Schemes (ACA) and Schemes financed by other agencies, BROs will be issued after receipt of the funds from Government of India and other funding agencies. In respect of Central Assistance schemes (ACA) if the releases made to the Department during 2012-13 are more than the obligation of  the  State Government, the excess releases made during 2012-13 will be set off against the State share during 2013-14. In so far as Externally Aided Projects, RIDF Schemes and Schemes under AIBP, and other schemes wherein the State has to incur expenditure first, LOC/BRO shall be issued from BE 2013-14 based on actual requirement in each quarter and the departments concerned shall submit claims for getting the reimbursement from the respective funding agencies.

Provisions made for New Schemes in BE 2013-14 shall be considered for release only after receipt of proposals from concerned departments with full details.

In respect of Wages and Payments to Home Guards/Anganwadi workers, Scholarships / Stipends to Junior Doctors and other categories of people engaged on contract basis against sanctioned permanent posts under plan, the BRO shall be given for the balance amount made in BE 2013-14 after taking in to the amount already released during Vote-on-Account Period and subject to regulating the expenditure on quarterly basis.

Government decided to prescribe the time limit for the validity of Online BRO/LOC as 90 days from the date of issue of such Online BRO/LOC.  In case, the administrative department fails to issue administrative sanction within the above prescribed time limit, such department has to again approach Finance Department giving valid reasons for not issuing the administrative sanction and also for issue of fresh BRO/LOC if necessary. The DTA/DWA shall not authorize expenditure for administrative sanction issued by the administrative Departments Secretariat, beyond the prescribed time limit.

Government of Andhra Pradesh ordered to dispense with the procedure for issue of LOC in respect of Capital Heads of Accounts of I&CAD and R&B Departments from 1st April, 2013 on a pilot basis for a period of three months to accelerate the capital expenditure of these departments. Government have decided to extend implementation of these orders for the remaining period of financial year 2013-14 and further instructions and modalities will be issued in this regard separately by Finance (Works & Projects) Department.

Government hereby decided to allow all the departments to incur expenditure on works taken up under Capital Heads based on the original administrative sanctions issued by the Government for the said works without issuing any further administrative sanction based on the BRO/LOC issued quarterly by Finance Department.

The Departments of Secretariat and HODs are requested to follow the procedures laid down in the references 2nd and 3rd read above for obtaining the Online BRO/LOC for the works to be taken up by them through the other agencies other than PW Engineering Departments.

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Pay and Accounts Officer and Director of Works Accounts shall take necessary action for authorizing the expenditure during 2013-14 for each quarter to the HODs as per BE 2013-14 and as per Online BROs/LOCs issued by the Finance Department. The HODs shall prefer bills based on the authorization issued by the Director of Treasuries and Accounts / Director of Works Accounts.


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