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The Government vide Andhra Pradesh, have issued orders for implementation of Andhra Pradesh Youth Policy – 2018 with a view to fully enable, engage, empower and motivate the youth to realize their full potential and be adequately equipped with the necessary tools to contribute to the growth and development of the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh. The priority areas which need special attention identified in that policy are Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Employment and Skill Development, Participation in Politics & Governance, Youth Engagement, Health & Healthy Lifestyle, Sports & Recreation, Social Values & Inclusion, Community Services and Social Justice. A part of the priority area under Employment and Skill Development, ‘Assistance to Educated Unemployed Youth’ has been proposed for implementation.

Government constituted a ‘Group of Ministers’ to examine the details of proposed programme to assist unemployed youth and make recommendations. Minister for Finance and Planning chaired this Group.  After several rounds of discussions and after examining different models of such programmes of unemployment assistance implemented in the country, the Group made recommendations for this programme. Government examined those recommendations and decided to name the programme as ‘Mukhyamantri Yuvanestham’.

 Accordingly, Government with a view to support and mitigate the hardship faced by the educated unemployed youth, hereby order to implement a scheme called ‘Mukhyamantri Yuvanestham’ (Assistance to unemployed youth) with  specific guidelines. The scheme is aimed to achieve its goal of providing employment to unemployed by upgrading skills of educated unemployed youth and render them more employable and competent to cope with the expectations of the industry.

Plans for implementing the scheme will be drawn up in each district. In each district the training infrastructure available with various departments will be utilized optimally to provide most relevant and remunerative training to unemployed youth taking their choice and ability into consideration.  A token assistance is sanctioned to every eligible youth every month.  Training costs are absorbed by the government for the duration of training.

Methods of Assistance:

The upgradations of skills can lead to employment through any of the following means:

Impart requisite skills to the unemployed youth suitable for existing industries as well as upcoming fresh industries.  

Provide internship /apprenticeship/ ‘on the job’ training in public sector or private establishments on the lines of Government of India assisted National Apprentice Promotion Scheme (NAPS).

Helping the youth in setting-up of suitable self-employment ventures by providing financial assistance through respective corporations and commercial banks.

Helping and assisting youth in preparing and facing public recruitment competitions.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must be unemployed and should be native of Andhra Pradesh.

Minimum educational qualification should be Graduation or any Diploma of two years and above duration.

Should be in the age group of 22-35 years.

Caste and Community preference will be given as per usual norms. For SCs it will be 16.2 per cent, STs will be 6.6 per cent and BCs will be 29 per cent. However, principle of saturation will be pursued to assist all the eligible among registered unemployed youth.

Should belong to a family below poverty line. All the eligible beneficiaries from the family shall be considered.  All white card holders will be ipso facto considered as people below poverty line.

Movable / Immovable properties: Having 4 wheelers are ineligible. Having wet land of 2.5 acres and dry land of 5.00 acres maximum are eligible. In respect of Anantapuramu district the limit is maximum wet land will be 5.00 acres and dry land will be 10.00 acres.

Those who have availed financial assistance / loan under any state / central government sponsored self-employment scheme of above Rs.50,000/- subsidy are not eligible.

Those who are pursuing formal education are not eligible. Department of HRD will authenticate (on line) on eligibility of every applicant both with legacy data and current date base.

Those who are working in public / private sector / quasi-government or those self-employed are not eligible for the assistance. The data base maintained by Ministry of Labour, Government of India will be basis for this examination.

Applicant should not be an employee dismissed from Central / State government service. The applicant should not have been convicted of any criminal offence.

Children belonging to government pensioner’s family are eligible.

The allowance will be stopped if the beneficiary becomes employed or crosses 35 years of age whichever is earlier. Date of commencement of this programme will be the reckoner for this age determination.

Estimated number of unemployed youth:

It is estimated that nearly 10,00,000 unemployed youth are there in the age group of 22 – 35 years with graduation / diploma qualifications to claim assistance under the scheme as per the number obtained from Praja Sadhikara Survey.  Updating of this data base including the process of e KYC (electronic know your customer) is a continuous phenomenon.

Process of enrolment:

A separate web portal and registration form will be developed by Real Time Governance Society (RTGS) and maintained by RTGS.

The applicant shall be enrolled in Praja Sadhikara Survey (PSS) of Govt. of AP and should have done e KYC. A lead notice of 15 to 21 days will be provided to all the unemployed youth of the state to enrol for assistance through this scheme. If they are not enrolled in PSS they can do so during the above period or later and can also complete e KYC. Such opportunity to register continuously will be facilitated by government on a real time basis.

Every unemployed individual will register on-line his details in such a way that his / her eligibility is informed in real time giving useful guidance on grievance redressal.

Choice of training:


The applicant shall submit online options of sector of interest / connected skill training trades at the time of registration.

Every unemployed individual will register on-line his/her details seeking an opportunity to undergo skill training in different sectors in different trades to become more employable. He/she will declare two or three choices.

All the training programmes available and institutions imparting these trainings will be offered to eligible unemployed youth to indicate his/her preference.

Trades available first in the state will be saturated and the available opportunities in Central Institutions will then be exploited at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru etc.,

Where a trainee is irregular to attend scheduled skill training, his/her allowance will be suspended.

The applicant shall also be encouraged to participate in digital literacy programmes for which he/she will be given additional stipend.

Allotment of youth under various sectors:

For the purpose of guidance, approximate allocation of unemployed youth under various sectors as discussed in methods of assistance above, is as mentioned below:

I) Wage employment opportunities through trainings supported by State Government Corporations like SC/ST/BC etc., : 2.00 lakh (No.)
II) Self – Employment opportunities after imparting EDP Training at District level or in universities : 1.50 lakh (No.)
III) Apprenticeship Training in different industries located in AP : 2.00 lakh (No.)
IV) Skill Trainings in Central/State Training Institutes : 0.50 lakh (No.)
V) Farm Sector opportunities including Zero Budget Natural Farming. : 4.00 lakh (No)

 Total  10.00 lakh (No)

 Flow Chart on Processing of Applications :


Sl. No. Description Supervision Action
1 Online Application devised by IT dept to be uploaded within (15 to 21) days from the date of issue of orders RTG
2 Allotment to choice 1 or choice 2 or choice 3 opted by the individual (within 15 days) (on line) PD DRDA
3 Intimating Training Institute for advance action  (within 7 days) (batching will be ideal) PD DRDA
4 Intimation to individual on training slot details   (within 7 days) PD DRDA
5 Commencement of training Initial report from

Training Institute to PD


6 Periodical monitoring reports once in a month PD DRDA

to District Committee

7 Online transfer of allowance satisfying training milestones Commissioner / Director Youth Services

State Level Apex Programme Committee:

 There shall be an ‘Apex Programme Committee’ at State Level chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of AP, with Ministers and Chief Secretary to oversee the process and implementation.  Details of the Apex Committee are in annexure 1.

State Level Programme Monitoring Committee:

There shall be also a ‘Programme Monitoring Committee’ at State Level headed by the Chief Secretary and Spl. Chief Secretaries / Principal Secretaries / Secretaries of the Department concerned as Members and the Spl. Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary / Secretary to Govt., YAT&C(YS&S) as Member Convenor to monitor and execute the programme. Details of State Level Programme Monitoring Committee are in Annexure – 2.

*Nominations for State Level Programme Monitoring Committee will be made by Spl. Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary, Secretary, YAT&C (YS&S).

 District Programme Implementation Committee will be as follows:

There will be a District Programme Implementation Committee with District

Collector as Chairman. Details are in Annexure – 3

*Nominations for District Programme Implementation Committee at the District level will be made by the District Collector concerned.

 Duties of the District Programme Implementation Committee:

 Duties entrusted to District Programme Implementation Committee are in annexure – 4.

Other norms:

The unemployment allowance will be paid through APB (Aadhaar Payment Bridge) mode to the savings bank account of the youth which is linked with Aadhaar. Regular attendance of the unemployed youth will be warranted through bio-metric devices available in the declared place of residence of the unemployed youth. Allowance will be paid only on biometric authentication every month.   The youth should ensure that he / she should have an active Aaadhaar mapped account;

The unemployment allowance shall be sanctioned in addition to the social pension got by the family members of the youth.

If certain recipient of the programme becomes ineligible for the reasons whatsoever he / she must forthwith bring the fact to the notice of the Project Director, DRDA as the case may be and shall not draw the assistance from the date of ineligibility for the assistance.

When a youth becomes ineligible, his / her name will be deleted from the sanctioned list.

A self-declaration will be taken from the youth for every six months that they are still unemployed and are utilising the assistance for undergoing training to increase their employability.

 Budget requirements:

Stipend budget required for one month – 100 crores (For 10,00,000 youth @Rs.1000/- per each per month).

Training costs will be incurred by Commissioner / Director Youth Services following the norms adopted by Department of Skill Development. Presently for approved programmes the costs are Rs.12,000/- per candidate for equal hours of training. Where these norms are to be evolved afresh for valid reasons, there orders of the Departments of Skill Development and Finance will be obtained.

From the total allotted budget, 5% will be utilized at district level by the PD, DRDA and 5% at state level by Commissioner / Director Youth Services for meeting the administrative expenses. However, these amounts will be utilized for items that have not been budgeted for.

Resource Mobilisation for the programme:

An amount of Rs.1000.00 crores has been allocated during 2018-19 budget in Youth Services Budget under the Head of Account: “2204 – Sports & Youth Services – GH11 State Development Schemes – S.H. (09) Assistance to Unemployed Youth – 310 Grants-In-Aid – 312 – Other Grants-In-Aid”; 2204 – Sports & Youth Services – S.H. (09) Assistance to Unemployed Youth – MH 789 SCSP – 310 Grants-In-Aid – 312 – Other Grants-In-Aid”; “ 2204 – Sports & Youth Services – SH (09) Assistance to unemployed youth – MH 796 Tribal Areas Sub Plan”.

Funds under existing Skill Development and Youth Advancement Department will be dove-tailed in convergence. Earmarked funds under SCSP and TSP can be utilised for this programme, if necessary.

Convergence of programmes:

List of institutions and training centres both in government and private and their capacity to impart training will be prepared by District Collectors concerned. Information will be provided by respective departments / agencies like Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Industries, Food Processing, Labour, Employment and Training, Tourism, IT,A.P. Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) etc., to all Collectors.

Departments of Industries and Skill Development will identify the training opportunities available in various MSMEs, Industries, Public sector industries and route these youth to obtain support jointly under this scheme and NAPS of Government of India.

Those who are willing to set-up self-employment units shall be proposed for extending economic assistance by SC/ST/BC/Women/Minority Corporations etc., to establish units under self-employment programme. For monitoring them, local entrepreneurs or N.G.Os would be involved for mentoring, where feasible ‘Entrepreneurship Development Programme’ will be provided to these unemployed youth to enable them to manage their prospective assets judiciously.

 Where unemployed youth opt for training programmes that improve their chances of success in taking competitive examinations prescribed for public employment, they will also be suitably considered for support.

 Release of stipend:

On receiving lists of eligible candidates, the Director of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP will release the allowance to the bank account of the beneficiary.  On commencement of skill training and its progress, the release of allowance will be linked-up. The Director of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP, Vijayawada shall take necessary action, accordingly.  All departments connected with above programme will take necessary action to implement the programme from 2nd October, 2018.

Duties of the District Programme Implementation Committee :

 Identification of new centres for training in the District.

Allotment of youth to Training Institutes in the district first, region and State next.

Monitoring progress of skill upgradation milestones from each Institute for each admission.

Accreditation and review of institutions operating in District.

Financial management and accounting of funds (on-line).

Grievance redressal including quality of training including third party review.

Prepare suitable, bankable schemes for self-employment schemes.

Identify mentors for nurturing new businesses and self-employment ventures.

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