Additional infrastructural facilities required as per MCI norms at Osmania Medical College

Managing Director, A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation has reported that the Government have accorded administrative sanction vide G.O.Rt. No. 91, dt. 20-1-2012 towards “enhancement of MBBS seats @ an addition of 50 each in ten (10) Govt. Medical Colleges for an amount of Rs.7963.09 lakhs for the works connected with extension and renovation of existing facilities and construction of hostel blocks etc. to meet the Medical Council of India requirement” as per the proposals finalized by the Director of Medical Education. In the said GO , Osmania Medical College was sanctioned an amount of Rs.544.10 lakhs (Rs.273.65 lakhs towards renovations and Rs. 270.45 lakhs towards construction).

It was also stated that the Medical Council of India has inspected the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad recently and pointed out certain deficiencies vis- -a vis Medical Council of India norms in connection with the enhancement of 50 MBBS seats. Accordingly, the Executive Engineer, APMSIDC Division, Hyderabad has furnished the additional infrastructural facilities required (construction / renovation) in consultation with the Principal, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, which are in addition to the already sanctioned works in the G.O. Ms. No.91, HM&FW (E1) Dept, dt. 20-1-2012. The following are the details of the works proposed by the Executive Engineer, APMSIDC, Hyderabad together with estimated cost thereof.

Sl. No. Name of the work Amount (Rs. in lakhs) Remarks
A) Repairs    
1 General repairs toOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 65.40  

Not covered in G.O.Rt. No. 91, dt. 20-1-2012

2 Providing painting to main building ofOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 73.20
3 Repairs to toilets ofOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 28.20
4 Electrical wiring to at various locations inOsmaniaMedicalColleges, Koti,Hyderabad 53.00
  Sub Total 219.80  

New Constructions    
1 Construction of  academic block inOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 2320.00  









Not covered in G.O.Rt. No. 91,                 dt. 20-1-2012

2 Construction of Animal House building inOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 380.00
3 Construction of Girls hostel building for 50  members inOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 385.00
4 Construction of Boys hostel building for 450 members inOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 2150.00
5 Construction of canteen (new and hygienic cafeteria to teaching and non-teaching staff and students) building inOsmaniaMedicalCollege, Koti,Hyderabad 690.00
  Sub total 5925.00  
  Total 6144.80  

Further, in response to W.P. No. 21333 of 2012 an affidavit was filed in the Hon’ble High Court, A.P. Hyderabad assuring to undertake all possible steps to implement and rectify the defects within a period of one month in connection with the issue relating to increase of 50 seats in Osmania Medical College.

The subject matter was discussed in detail with the Director of Medical Education and the Chief Engineer, A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation in the meeting held on 13/08/2012 also reiterating the urgency to expedite the works.

Considering the above position the Government examination of the matter, hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.61.45 crores to provide additional infrastructure facilities as detailed in para 2 above in Osmania Medical College and Hospital to meet MCI requirement for increase of 50 additional MBBS seats.

The Director of Medical Education and Managing Director, A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly, also keeping in view the instructions issued in G.O.Rt. No. HM&FW (E1) Dept, Dt. -11-2012.

This order issues with the concurrence of Fin Dept. vide their U.O. No.8267/276/A1/Expr M&H.1/2012, dt 05-09-2012. G.O.Rt. No. 1657 Dated 20-11-2012 Read :

1) G.O.Ms. No. 91, HM&FW (E1) Dept, dt. 20-1-2012.
2) From Managing Director, Lr. No. 2911/APMSIDC/DEE-1/AEE-1/2012-13,
dt. – 8-2012 addressed to Prl. Secy., to Govt., HM&FW Dept and copy
furnished to Director of Medical Education

Medical Education – A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation – Enhancement of MBBS in Government Medical colleges– Additional  infrastructural facilities required as per the Medical Council of India norms  at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad – Administrative sanction accorded – Orders issued.

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