A.P Mahila Abhivruddhi Society for 2013-14

The Mission Director, MEPMA, Hyderabad has stated that the A.P Mahila Abhivruddhi Society (APMAS) has furnished the detailed proposals for extending technical support to MEPMA in developing the systems for further strengthening of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in urban areas and also ensure sustainability aspects of CBOs by making them self managed and self reliant.

The Finance (Expr.GAD II) Department have issued Budget Release Orders (BRO) in relaxation of quarterly regulation orders for an amount of Rs.100.00 lakhs towards assistance to APMAS under the Plan Scheme from the Budget Estimates of 2013-14.

Mahila Abhivruddhi Society Andhra Pradesh

After careful consideration of the proposals of APMAS, Hyderabad received through MEPMA, Hyderabad, the Government hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.100.00 lakhs (Rupees hundred lakhs only) towards the assistance to APMAS for establishing of Self Help Group Learning Centre, including institutional over-head cost and service tax for period of one year (June 2013 to May 2014) during 2013-14 under the Head of Account 3451-60-200-11-15, 310-Grants-in-Aid and 312-Other Grants-in-Aid subject to  fulfilment and furnishing the  following to the Planning Department:

Tripartite Agreement between APMAS, MEPMA and Planning Department.

Detailed Action Plan covering items mentioned in para. 5 including an outcome based detailed reporting mechanism.

Bimonthly progress reports.

Midterm and post project evaluation report.

MEPMA to furnish certification on the services provided by APMAS.

It is expected that these steps will lead to development of a Decision Support System that includes Impact Assessment. MEPMA and APMAS should prepare as a consolidated project report by the end of the year and there should be an Annual Report published with outcomes.

The following are the priority areas mutually identified to be supported    by APMAS to MEPMA: G.O.Rt.No.744 Dated:27-07-2013.

Letter  Roc.No.4265/MEPMA/2013, dt:01.06.2013, from Mission Director, MEPMA, Hyderabad. G.O.Rt.No.3029 Finance (Expr.GAD-II) Dept,dt:19.07.2013.

The Mission Director, MEPMA shall take necessary action and take up projects with APMAS as detailed above and submit bimonthly report.

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