7617 lakhs under RAY at NSC Bose Nagr pilot slum

The Mission Director, MEPMA vide Lr.No.603/2011/C/RAY, Dated:12.4.2013 , has submitted that the Central Sanctioning &Monitoring Committee (CSMC) in its meeting held on 5.12.2012 has approved NSC Bose Nagar  pilot slum project under RAY in respect of VMC for Rs. 7617.57 Lakhs after appraisal by BMTPC. Further submitted that the Commissioner, VMC vide reference has requested to accord administrative  sanction  for  Rs.7617.57  lakhs  with  the  following  method  of  funding pattern as per approved by CSMC. (Rs. In lakhs)

Si.No. Project Name Project










1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Pilot project for in-situ up gradation of housing and infrastructure at   NSC   Bose Nagar, Vijayawada 7617.57 3628.36 1451.34 682.46 1855.41
  TOTAL 7617.57 3628.36 1451.34 682.46 1855.41

In view of the above, the Mission Director, MEPMA has requested to accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.7617.57 lakhs   for NSC Bose Nagar Pilot slum of  VMC under RAY.

Government after examination of the proposal of MD, MEPMA,  here by accord administrative sanction for   NSC BOSE Nagar   pilot slum project sanctioned under RAY  in respect of  VMC for an amount of Rs.7617.57 lakhs  (Rupees  Seventy- six crores seventeen lakhs and fifty seven thousand only ) with the following method of funding pattern:




S. No




Project Component

Share of Project in Rs. Lakhs  



Govern ment




ary share


Project cost

1. Housing (85 Nos)in

plot 12’x28- Duplex type @Rs.4.33Lakhs-


184.03 73.60 0.00 110.42 368.05
2. Housing (1328Nos)in

plot 12’x30’- Duplex type @Rs.4.38Lakhs-


2908.32 1163.33 0.00 1744.99 5816.64
A Sub Total – Housing 3092.35 1236.93 0.00 1855.41 6184.69
1 utility Infrastructure 425.06 170.02 259.92 0.00 855.00
2 Social Infrastructure 39.77 15.91 23.87 0.00 79.53
B total – infrastructure 464.82 185.93 283.79 0.00 934.53
C O&M Charges @ 2% 71.19 28.48 42.71 0.00 142.38
1. Consultancy charges

for DPR /TPQA/PMC@2%

0.00 0.00 142.38 0.00 142.38
2. Contingencies 0.00 0.00 213.58 0.00 213.58
D Others 0.00 0.00 355.96 0.00 355.96
  Grand Total (A+B+C+D) 3628.36 1451.34 682.46 1855.41 7617.57

The Commissioner, VMC is directed to implement the concerned Urban Reforms Agenda if any and submit monthly progress reports to the MD, MEPMA. Hyderabad under intimation to Government.

The Commissioner, VMC shall maintain a separate account for the above project as per Government of India guidelines and ensure that there shall not be any diversion of funds in any circumstances.

The  expenditure  particulars  and  Utilization  Certificate  and  Monthly  Progress Reports shall be furnished to Mission Director, MEPMA., Hyderabad regularly.

The Commissioner, VMC and Mission Director, MEPMA and Commissioner & Director   of   Municipal   Administration,   Hyderabad   shall   take   necessary   action accordingly.

8. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No. 28498/548/A1/Expr.M&F/2013,dated: 8.11.2013.

G.O.Rt.No.1728 Dated: 29.11.2013

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