6354 Multipurpose Extension Officers on contract basis in Rythu Mitra Groups

GO MS 222 on 15 December 2014 in Andhra Pradesh for Agriculture And Cooperation Department in the reference second read above has stated that the Government has reviewed the Adarsha Rythu System and after taking into consideration the difficulties faced by the farming community due to failure of the Adarsha Rythus in providing the required Agriculture Extension, decided to abolish the Adarsha Rythus and to replace with well-organized agriculture extension network with qualified Multipurpose Extension System. The Department has informed that necessary orders have been issued for abolition of Adarsha Rythu system vide reference first read above. With a view to establishing a multipurpose extension network the Agriculture and Cooperation Department has proposedto appoint6,354 Multipurpose Extension Officers (MPEO) on contract basis to be deployed at the rate of one MPEO for every 1000 hectares of cultivable area.The Department has also proposed to form Rythu Mitra Groups concurrently, one Rythu Mitra Group for every 100 hectares

The Government after careful examination of the proposal of the A&C Department, hereby permit contracting the services of six thousand three hundred and fifty four(6354)Multipurpose Extension Officers.The placement of MPEOs shall be made in phased manner with 1/3rd of total MPEOs sanctioned during the current financial year 2014-15 and the remaining 1/3rd during first half of 2015 and the rest in second half of 2015.

The MPEOs shall be paid a consolidated honorarium of eight thousand rupees (Rs.8,000/-)per month. They are not entitled for any allowances.

The Agriculture and Cooperation Department shall take necessary action to ensure a transparent recruitment process duly following the rule of reservation and the provisions of the Presidential Order.

A&C Department shall issue necessary guidelines regarding the duties and responsibilities,qualifications,recruitment method, detailed procedure of the recruitment process, etc.




Agriculture Department – Strengthening of Agriculture Extension – Placement of Multipurpose Extension Officers and Rythu Mitra Groups – Appointment of 6354 Multipurpose Extension Officers on contract basis – Orders – Issued.

  1. GO.Rt.No.43, Agri 7 Coop (Agri.II) dept, Dt.19-09-2014.
  2. A&C Dept UO No 5541/Agri.II/2014 dated nil &&&


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